Friday, July 04, 2008

The New Yahoo! Mail :(

Things don't come in for free after all!!!

Where is Unlimited storage now??

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The new Yahoo! Mail

Ever since I was introduced to the Internet, I always wanted to have an e-mail address "".

Yahoo! was the most happening e-mail provider at that time and it was a great feeling t0 have your personalized e-mail address there.

But, I never got lucky and it never "boomed" like the way g-mail did and I landed up using google mail which is relatively very quick and simple.

This morning, interestingly, I recieved a marketing e-mail from Yahoo!Mail at my g-mail address.

The e-mail mentioned new Yahoo! addresses and and I thought of trying my luck. I did get an e-mail address I always wanted to have but what followed was what got me more excited.

There is a new feature(a great strategy I should say) from Yahoo! to import contacts and hold your breath..e-mails..from a list of e-mail providers including top ones like googlemail and hotmail.
The best part is that Yahoo! now has unlimited storage available to users. For people bored with "archiving" e-mails from google or having terrible time with the POP feature, I think this is a fresh lease of life. The transfer feature is done by a third party ( and it is relatively quick and easy. Ensure that POP is disabled for gmail before proceeding. The wait-time for e-mails to get copied to your Yahoo! account is approximately 24 hours, as per the notice but the process starts right-away.

There was no way in which we could "bulk" forward googlemail to another ID and therefore, taking a backup of your e-mails seemed impossible, especially when you got around 15965 emails worth 6 gigs.

Kudos and Thanks to Yahoo! mail for solving this problem.

You certainly have my allegiance now :)