Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Google Labs - Google SMS Channel!! Amazing....

I want to share my feedback about an extremely innovative add-on from Google Labs called the Google SMS Channel.

This technology is like an RSS feed for mobile except for the fact that you will not require any GPRS connection for subscription. Rather, the news feed comes as an SMS alert to your mobile. You can either select the body or the title as per your requirement.

Amazing, isn't it??

So, how does this work?

Your task is to create an SMS channel for your subscribers so that they receive an SMS alert about the post as soon as it is posted on your site.
To create this channel, at first, you will have to go the following URL:-

Google SMS channel

Initially, there is a verification process where you have to authenticate your mobile number.
Now, after your mobile number gets verified, you can go ahead and create an SMS Channel feed by going to the following page:-

Create Channel

You can choose your information carrier(like feeds, group, news etc) and once you have the channel created, copy paste the URL http://labs.google.co.in/smschannels/subscribe/SashsBlog and send it to your friends.

They have to enter their mobile number and verify the same to receive SMS alert of the posts on their mobile phone.

You can also invite them through SMS by entering their mobile numbers.

Apart from this, you can also subscribe to other mobile alerts(like weather, real estate news or business).
Isn't this amazing?


a) You can change your mobile number anytime but you cannot transfer the ownership of this channel to others.

b) The SMS alert gets delayed most of the time, possibly due to heavy traffic of alerts.

c) Your subscribers are initially excited to receive an SMS alert of posts on your blog. But, this excitement fades away after some period of time. It is apparent that one will feel “spammed” if several SMS’s arrive in a day. This is true even though you have the option of limiting the number of alerts and the time when the alert will be sent.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why voicing opinions counts- Bharti Airtel Bangalore!!!

In the end, I realized....Airtel is superb in its customer service!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sachin xxx@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 2:21 PM
Subject: Thanks: Bill with reference to landline number xxxxxxxx:Payment done!! :)
To: Nodal.southabts@airtel.in, Shashikala.AN@airtel.in

Dear Shashikala and the South Nodal team,

Thank you so much for your e-mail and exceptional follow-up on the issue.

I have immediately made a payment of Rs 1,342.60 today for November bill referenced by Invoice # 965506257 .

This was the payment that I needed to do as per the amount reflected in the EBPP site(https://ebpp.airtelworld.com)

Mode of Payment Date of Payment Amount Paid
Payment - Self Care BillDesk Gateway 12/12/2008 1,342.60

Please refer to the snapshot which will illustrate that I have no dues now for my phone/DSL.

Kindly confirm the payment has been received for the month of November.

Thank you for your exceptional service.

Best Wishes,
Sachin Tewari

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 12:09 PM, <Shashikala.AN@airtel.in> wrote:
Dear Mr.Sachin,

Greetings from Airtel Telemedia Services.

With reference to your email dated 6-Dec-08, regarding the broad band speed
and the reversal of bill as per Home 799 plan.

Based on the facts, we have reworked your invoice 965506257 as per
Unlimited 799 plan. The rental adjustment and the
usage adjustment of Rs.1589/- will be reflecting in your next invoice for
the month of December 2008.

After the above said adjustment towards the invoice number 965506257, the
amount payable from your end is Rs.1539/-.
The applicable service tax of 12.36% on the adjustment amount will be
adjusted with the service tax amount of your next
invoice for the month of December 2008.

We hope that our response and resolution is to your satisfaction and look
forward for a long term business associated
with you.

For further assistance, please reach us at 080-44444121 or E-Mail us at
care.karnataka@airtel.in or Fax us at 080-41112346

Assuring you Best of Services at all times.

Yours sincerely,

CSD Service Assurance - Nodal Escalation Desk
Bharti Airtel Limited / Telemedia Services / South Hub
#1106/10 &11, Garvebhavi Palya|Hosur Main Road | Near Novel Software |
Bangalore-560 068

Mail received from Sachin <xxx@gmail.com>
Hello Abu,

This is to inform you that I am really fumed by the service of your billing
department. I was on Broadband 799-256 kbps plan and on the 3rd November
asked for the plan to be migrated to Plan 499, 2mbps plan.
However, in spite of my repeated phone calls to the customer care, no
action was taken on my service(increase in speed) until 9th November when
finally the speed was migrated to 2 mbps.

Now, your folks have generated bills on 499 plan right from 3rd whereas
"technically" speaking the plan was migrated only on the 9th of November
because I was getting 256kbps speed till the 9th of November.

Kindly revise my bill as per the tariff below:-

3rd November to 9th November:: 799 plan
9th November onwards: 499 plan

I would not consider anything less than the above as I was still arguing(in
the form of numerous fone calls) with your personnel from 3rd to 8th
November saying that the plan has not been changed because I am getting
around 256kbps while measuring speed on http://speed.airtelbroadband.in/.
Your engineers were stating that 2mbps was not available for that

Finally, on giving a final notification for disconnection of the airtel
line, in case the speed is not provided, which was available earlier
because I changed plan twice, they changed the speed to 2mbps.

Kindly check your customer logs of my account for more details!!!!

On receiving the bill and checking with your customer care, your personnel
agreed to lower only the rentals for that period but not the data usage and
this is absurd. The very fact that the rentals are being lowered for the
period 3rd to 8th means that you are accepting that I was not on 499 plan
till that period of time. According to the tariff on 499, I should be
getting 2mpbs speed and not 256kbps line. Correct?? I follow
http://speed.airtelbroadband.in/ religiously so I knew the plan was not
migrated technically because I was getting speed in that rate and this is
what I have told your customer service.

If you do not consider my request for bill revision, kindly send someone to
collect the final settlement and disconnect this service. There are many
other service providers who are waiting in line for a NEW customer and I
already have BSNL broadband in hand.