Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Google Labs - Google SMS Channel!! Amazing....

I want to share my feedback about an extremely innovative add-on from Google Labs called the Google SMS Channel.

This technology is like an RSS feed for mobile except for the fact that you will not require any GPRS connection for subscription. Rather, the news feed comes as an SMS alert to your mobile. You can either select the body or the title as per your requirement.

Amazing, isn't it??

So, how does this work?

Your task is to create an SMS channel for your subscribers so that they receive an SMS alert about the post as soon as it is posted on your site.
To create this channel, at first, you will have to go the following URL:-

Google SMS channel

Initially, there is a verification process where you have to authenticate your mobile number.
Now, after your mobile number gets verified, you can go ahead and create an SMS Channel feed by going to the following page:-

Create Channel

You can choose your information carrier(like feeds, group, news etc) and once you have the channel created, copy paste the URL http://labs.google.co.in/smschannels/subscribe/SashsBlog and send it to your friends.

They have to enter their mobile number and verify the same to receive SMS alert of the posts on their mobile phone.

You can also invite them through SMS by entering their mobile numbers.

Apart from this, you can also subscribe to other mobile alerts(like weather, real estate news or business).
Isn't this amazing?


a) You can change your mobile number anytime but you cannot transfer the ownership of this channel to others.

b) The SMS alert gets delayed most of the time, possibly due to heavy traffic of alerts.

c) Your subscribers are initially excited to receive an SMS alert of posts on your blog. But, this excitement fades away after some period of time. It is apparent that one will feel “spammed” if several SMS’s arrive in a day. This is true even though you have the option of limiting the number of alerts and the time when the alert will be sent.

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