Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Nothing lasts forever…..and we both know Hearts can change…!

I couldn't take care of this dog and therefore returned it to the pet guy.

It is tough living in the city, isn't it Rahul?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Invitation to Gorkha Saanjh 2009 by Bharatiya Gorkha Welfare Association(BGWA).

What:Gorkha Saanjh 2009
BGWA cordially invites you all to the 2nd edition of "Gorkha Saanjh". For details, please visit for more details. Ayo Gorkhali! BGWA, Bangalore
When:Saturday, September 12, 2009 3:00 PM
Where:Ambedkar Bhavan
Millers Road, Vasanth Nagar
Bangalore, Karnataka India

Description: 14th September 2008 - Gorkha Saanjh 2008 @ Bangalore

A day we all Gorkhalis scripted history with our first ever Gorkha Saanjh in Bangalore.

The event witnessed the largest gathering of all Gorkhalis residing in the city and all coming together to show their Solidarity and Support for our community and belief in the Vision of “A Unified and Progressive Gorkhali Community” .

Gorkha Saanjh was conceptualized with the objective of providing a platform for promoting and showcasing local Gorkhali Talent and the proceeds of the event being utilized for Social Welfare activities for Gorkhalis residing in Bangalore.

Gorkha Saanjh 2008 was a great start to this journey and with all the support and encouragement we have seen memorable events like Chaitey Knockout Football Tournament and Gorkha Mela in Bangalore. Equally important has been the birth and growth of a support system to help Gorkhalis in the city during times of emergency.

The fledgling support system has been tested during the past one year and has risen to the occasion and helped many from our community at times of need. We take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped and contributed in these endeavours.

For the year 2009, BGWA has embarked on this journey with more ambitious plans some of which are as below:

1. Providing Free Health Insurance to a wider pool of BGWA members

2. Scholarships for Primary Schooling for the deserving and the financially needy

3. Strengthening the Student Network and Mentoring Programme

4. Creation of a Fund Pool to provide financial assistance for the needy during emergencies

Now, the second milestone Gorkha Saanjh 2009 @ Bangalore is around the corner. BGWA invites all to this event to reaffirm our Unity and Solidarity.

Please visit for more details.

Sunday, August 02, 2009



So, we are back again! And am I not missing the biggest star of English Football already? Yes, the inevitable happened. CR9 has left Old Trafford to follow his long cherished dream. All the best! - We miss you Ronaldo and thank you for entertaining us with your immaculate play all these years. But, having said that, the EPL is too strong a league to have a void because of “great” transfers. It has seen heroes come and go and it still lives on…getting better every year. It reminds me of the lines from a poem I read a long time back:-

"For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever!"
Yes, without arguments, English Soccer is by far the best league in the world and for online gamers, my favorite FPL stands out from the rest of the online soccer leagues.


Without much ado, here is my lineup for the season. It is always a difficult decision to choose the first set of players. My combination is based on the following factors:-a) Indispensible players.

b) Cost effective goalkeepers.

c)3-4-3 combination.

d)Cheap substitute defenders.

THE INDISPENSIBLE’S: Lampard, Gerrard, Bendtner, Lennon and Torres

COST EFFECTIVE GOALIES: Given, Sorenson & Schwarzer

WHY 3-4-3 COMBINATION?  Three effective forwards and four midfielders who have a high rate of playing.

CHEAP SUBSTITUTE DEFENDERS: My concentration is on midfield and strikers for maximum points.


Watch out this space for pre-game week predictions!!