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[Author's notes: A post on our department's team outing. The edited version was posted in the Perot System's internal documents website.]


John Donne wrote centuries ago, “No man is an island unto himself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."

The whole inspiration behind TGR’s plan of 3T program for Perot Bangalore Infrastructure-Solutions (IS) team was to instill this vision in every one of us.
Though our fields of expertise are diverse and so are our thoughts, yet, the mainstream equation is to work as a team cohesively, giving our best to achieve the common goal of prosperity- Prosperity of the individual, the company and the nation.

It’s an open secret that every individual in the IS team contributes to any event in their own special way. However, as always, TGR, Suby, Lavan, Meera and Rekha actively took up the mantle of organizing and co-ordination.

The murmurs about the surprises in store, during the expedition, like rafting and rock-climbing had already hit us hard.

So, when the D-Day finally arrived as a cozy Saturday morning, everyone in the team had already become enticingly excited.

The cabs were to take us to Ozone Valley, the IS team christened name for Ozone company and Wonder Valley.
Situated well within urban Bangalore, this place encompasses an area of 20 acres with accessibilities for most common adventure sports.

After reaching the enchanting place, a place close to the country club near Bannerghatta forest range, a group of three-four people were allocated a common tent. The tent had all basic amenities like clean beds, lockers, restroom, and fan, to mention a few.

Now that our luggages were well placed, our adventure hungry team was ready to venture relentlessly, without any inhibitions and concern.

To start off with, the whole team headed to the common outpost, where breakfast had already been laid out. It was a connoisseur’s delight- idly, sambhar, tea and vada to begin the day on a high note.

Following breakfast, we assembled in a thatched roof hall close to the lake downhill. There, TGR gave us a short welcome speech iterating our goals during our stay and further, introduced us to our external trainers, Brigadier Sivam and Mr Kale.

Thereafter, we had a small team building activity. The activity was to make human geometrical shapes, like triangles, squares and stars blindfolded.

Prior to this, we also had the activity of throwing rings to an erect stand placed 10 yards away with the aim of scoring maximum points in three attempts.

However, the most rigorous among all activities was an obstacle race. Also called the “Carry the baby safely home” game, we were taken to a ground and distributed in two teams. The idea was to carry a baby (a small drum impersonating it!!) from one end of the ground to the other using minimal resources. Each team was provided 2 bamboo poles and a few ropes to complete the task, on the condition that we were not allowed to step on the ground. However, there were few safe buffer areas where we could stand before proceeding further.

We initially thought that the game was all about winning but later came to realize that the game was only about co-operation. It was almost impossible to reach our goal without the help of the other team.
A great spectacle to the event was the participation of the ladies in our team, Meera and Rekha. In spite of being aware of the rough and tough nature of the event, one could not help but applaud the courage of the ladies, when they decided to join the teams.

The biggest outcome was that everyone (including the ladies in the team) managed to cross from one end to the other and vice-versa.

After the physical stress that we underwent, it was natural for us to have a hearty meal-Bon appetite.
As per directions, we assembled in the same thatched hall “partially” ready to take part in the other events of the day. “Partially ready” because we were too tired and sleepy after lunch.
To further add salt to our wounds, it started raining cats and dogs.

So, after a brief stint of photo sessions in the rain, the trainer commenced his session.

The first event after lunch was extempore on some common topics like Aishwarya Rai, Energy-How it can be saved and so on. The participants were good and we thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings.

Later, we had a team game called the “Walk the Duck”. A group of 4 people were supposed to walk on 2 movable wooden planks each attached with 4 ropes. It looked easy but we bet, it gave us a really tough time to co-ordinate and sync the movements.

Following tea, we had some PRM (Progressive relaxation of Muscles) session conducted by Brig. Sivam. It was fully refreshing and soothing. These exercises were simple and can be done easily anywhere.

The real party of the night however began in the evening. We had small quantities of Vodka which as usual brings along “intelligent, socially beneficial and politically correct” round table discussions.

We also had a musical chair event, “Bus-Ladoo” competition, and “Bad frog” event.

[[For the unaware: The directions and rules for playing these games can be “borrowed” from the IS team ]]

Thereafter, dinner was served and following dinner, we had a team walk downhill to the assembly hall. There, the topics of ghosts and real life encounters came in and we were fully entertained by the story tellers.

Back in the tent house, when our weary bodies rested on the soft cozy bed longing dearly for a good night's sleep, our eyes glittered in the dark with a sense of pride and achievement, as these virtues dominated the outcome of the proceedings.

Thus, ended an eventful first day in Wonder Valley.

Quote of the day!

"Every one is afraid of something. I am afraid of two women in my life, my mother and the Prime Minister (referring to Indira Gandhi). If any one says he is not afraid of anything, either he is lying or he is a Gorkha"- Field Marshal Sam FJH Manekshaw

My article for

BMC TMART Code Snippets- JMX

           Get the attributes in TInit (Doesn't run every time)

                  AttributeGetString("JavaPath", sJavaPath);                  AttributeGetString("JarPath", sJarPath);                  AttributeGetString("HostName", sHostHostname);
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Why Gorkhaland doesnt look feasible at the moment?

How many members of Parliament does the Darjeeling have? You can "blackmail" the government if you have at least 10 MP's for Lok Sabha. Imagine the scenario if we had 10 MP's at the time of the trust-vote. Did you watch the MP from Nagaland speaking about what he wanted-striking when the iron was hot? Where was the LokSabha MP from Darjeeling and did he speak? The Lok Sabha is representation of the people and right now, for lakhs and lakhs of Indian Nepalis, we have only one representative in the house of the people.

There are too many factions in the hills. There is a party called ABGL (Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League) founded by DS Gurung in 1943. Even they are striving for Gorkhaland. But, they are not included by GJMM or for that matter earlier by GNLF in any major decisions. Even when there was a "birat-jansabha" in Siliguri to support Gorkhaland, they were missing or not included. They do not support strikes called by ABGL and vice-versa. Why weren't they invited with same respect? This is just an example. There is CPRM and several other parties that need to be included in the struggle but leaders are not taking the initiative.

Popularity Index of Gorkha leaders is very abysmal. How many Gorkha leaders do you trust blindly? How many leaders do you think are worthy enough to be called a leader? Everyone in GJMM is a former member of Gorkha NLF. Only the party name, flag and the top brass has changed. Talking about Ghising's shortcomings now and trusting these leaders is but an irony.

Doars? Are they prepared? Talking about including Doars is not at all justified because we need a mandate and that too a popular one. People of Kashmir are still fighting for their belief that the "Hindu" King of Kashmir acceded to India without taking consideration of majority "Muslim" masses. In a Bengali dominated area, how can we speak about Gorkhaland and talk for their behalf?

What about the plight of Bengal government? Now, Gorkhaland, then Kamtapuri, then Madhesiya, then Cooch Bihar. Well, others are just waiting in the queue. Do you think that the Bengal Government will take such a move? Never!

Lastly, drop the idea now if you are thinking of merging Sikkim and Darjeeling areas so there is no greater Sikkim Theory at all.

Roadmap/Alternative/Vision (whatever you may call!):-

Darjeeling should have its own medical college, an engineering college (IIT- why not?), a dental college and a university with special status for the Gorkha people (reservations).

Tourism in Darjeeling should be given special impetus.

Infrastructure should be revamped(build roads, clean the roads, color the walls, preserve the wonders)

Increase number of MP's for Darjeeling areas- A rarity(Depends on population).

Increase number of MLA's

Find ways to get drinking water into Kalimpong, Darjeeling and other areas.

Glorify the schools.

The main problem is unemployment leading to poverty. And that is everywhere. Logical reasoning and analysis is what is needed at the moment.

Don't you think that March 2010 is too unrealistic a deadline for Gorkhaland. It is a new fight overall. I think GJMM should look into the points as goal setting mark.

Monday, April 25, 2016

MOTOACTV 1810 Error : Solved/Fixed

1. If you have a lot of data(workout syncs ranging over 2-3 years) uploaded already, it is better to create a new id.
2. If your new ID is not accepted after a factory reset, you need to "Create one". But, at the credentials screen, only
specify a new screenname. You can use the same old email id.
3. If you get a message saying, the ID already exists, go back and then change the username/screenname.
4. It will work after a while.

PS: I have changed my credentials after recording this video. So, do not try to login :)

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to dial in to a conference bridge automatically without entering passcode everytime?

1) Note the bridge number, say it is 18002707000

2) Note the sequence that you normally follow to join the bridge 1 for selecting the language and say 1 for entering passcode.

3) Now save the number using "Add 2-sec pause" or comma(",") as below

The commas would be followed by the options, here in the above case, the number would look like 18002707000,1,1

Remember to give sufficient lead time for the IVR to speak simulating how you would wait for IVR to say out the options and only then you would be punching in the numbers.

Here is how I have autosaved SunBirla Customer Care number. It punches in everything like language selection, 1 for existing policy holder, 1 for Details, then enters the policy number and date of birth.

Thereafter, all that I have to do is to press "9" to speak to customer care.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The marriage that never works : BJP and its alliance

I just hope that the BJP riding on the Modi Mexican wave comes out all "shining" this time with no need of baggages.  Earlier in 1998, it was the coalition headache of "Mamta Samata and Jayalalitha". 

Having said that,  regional parties and aspirational national parties have always been always a menace to India's political system creating more hate and divide than love or national integration.

India just has two real parties in my opinion, and "your" third party maybe.

And this time on, more than the Modi wave, we are all simply suffering the incumbency syndrome. No one has talked about National agenda in these elections openly but it is more  Political slandering( Pappu vs Feku vs Khujliwaal) that we read about and enjoy, post and share and like it on Facebook waiting for folks from the other camp to retaliate.

Corruption or the old "Five Year Plan's" isnt really discussed in the elections. 

 And, the AAP's aren't ready to handle the issue, the party is overcrowded with wanna-be politicians, discard actors and retired officials and businessmen. And most at the maximum can resort to do a Kejriwaal(Read: Dharna). I am sure Balakrishnan can't do that or stoop to a level to be able to interact with different facets of individuals(shrewd businessmen, wannabe's crooks for politics etc). Imagine a situation where a respected businessman would be saying "Yes-Yes" to a corporator, partially scared ofcourse because of his background and the very next day, the corporator sees this man standing against him in the elections. Would that businessman be bold enough to confront him overnight?

Forget about the question "So, we should let the crooks continue to rule us or threaten us?". That looks great only on Facebook where you can post things without the fear for retaliation. Obviously, your friends would at the maximum call you Aaptard or suffering from Pappulia or Fekulia but there is no immediate threat. It would require "some balls" to be a politician overnight and Politics, my friend cannot be fought on facebook alone.

The biggest mistake that AAP did was to go National rather than be the "role model " party at the regional level.

Kejriwaal acted in haste. I have to literally convince non AAP people that this man did work in 49 days which other governments couldnt do in 449 days. Again, this is based on the input I received from my colleagues staying in NCR.

This is not their time or their time may never come unless their strategy is to focus on State elections, win a couple, prove that they can be the best 3rd Alternative.

Modi has his own cupboard full of skeletons and his rise has alarmed many communities. I dont know how those incidents unfolded but whatever happened was the darkest blot in India's secular image.
The Supreme Court has cleared Modi for the riots and that is the cleanest chit that we can trust on. We dont have a more supreme authority there.  However, being the CM, I believe he should have resigned and that he didnt is a different story altogether.
Again, remember, the verdict came when Congress were at the helm of their governance and note, they couldn't save Laloo Yadav, Kanimozhi and Raja.

Yesterday, the sensex rose quite brilliantly and TOI was hinting at exit poll reports. I hope it remains so and am seriously hoping he doesnt ride on the extra baggages.

My political views are based on the following facts:-

a) I suffer from the incumbency syndrome. Yeah, I am bored !
b) There is no real third alternative.
c) I dont want a hung parliament and another elections.
d) I want to focus on WC Soccer 2014 :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Five reason why you shouldn't buy Lava, Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon mobiles?

a) Lava is great but what about is SAR value?

< 1.6 is not a figure. Why isn't there a clarity on the values?

Micromax's have their ratings but I dont think it's been ever ratified.

Even Nokia 1280(INR 999) has a SAR-TICK sticker at the back.
None of Karbonn, Lava or Micromax's is listed in the site.

Here are the manufacturers on the list:

Sony Ericsson

-All oldies :)

b) Value for money but is it worth it?

So I own Lava KKT 40+ (Note that I was the first to review and give a 5 stars on
Now, after 6 months of usage, the phone has started emanating a "circuit smell"(circuit burning/wire burning) if I remove the battery.
Flipkart, you folks are innocent. But, I haven't heard anything from Lava yet inspite of my complaints.

Yes, in India, a recall is very rarely heard of.

c) How can a phone be so cheap? All low end chinese boards?

In the battle between the big fish and the small fish, I am amazed to see how much of "extra" the small ones are offering.
It totally baffles me on why Samsung Galaxy Duos would cost 12 K and something that has configurations equivalent to Galaxy S3 (Lava Iris 501)
would cost just 9499 with goodies like Bluetooth headset and 4 GB card.
Forget about the ad-factor that contributes to the pricing, Micromax too sponsors IPL and cricket tourneys along with Karbonn.

d) Sales and support

There are only three to four service centers listed for a place like Bangalore in the Lava Support list.
And they were in areas equivalent to Siberia in terms of "I know the place exists but where the heck is it?"

So, when I had a screen crack on Lava KKT 40+, I took it to a local repair shop & it costed me about 600 INR to get replacement.
He swore to me that it took him 5 hours to find the part in SP Road Bangalore.
And 600 INR though a small amount(?), is 30% of the Cost prize.
Imagine, if it was a 10 K phone.

I asked the man on which of these new brands have good after sales and support. He just told me that it was tough and Micromax was just a little better than the rest.

e) Lava, Micromax, Nokia, Samsung

Which one would you carry? Yes, it is just the name that matters atleast for 90% of us

But, the final choice is yours, my friend!