Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Honda Activa 2006 for sale in Bangalore

• Make: Honda Activa
• Model: 2006
• Metallic Grey Color
• Excellent Condition- a few negligible bruises
• Single owner
• Insurance is unclaimed till date
• Bangalore Registration
• Proper documents available, Insurance valid till next year, Loan clearance letter is with the owner but RC book has not been updated.
• Meter Reading is at 39000 kilometers.
• Price Rs.31,000/-

Immediate Sale

For pictures & more information, please contact "m a i l f o r s a c h i n AT g m a i l d o t c o m" or reply to this post with your e-mail address/ phone number for further communication.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bangalore Metro Rail Service

Finally, the much awaited Namma Bengalooru Metro service starts this Thursday October 20 2011.

The first stage will cover the following routes:-

Mahatma Gandhi Road Station towards Byappanahalli(vice-versa) through Sir M. Visheshwarya, Vidhan Soudha, Cubbon Park, MG Road, Halasaru, Indiranagar and Swami Vivekananda Road(Old Madras Road).

The trains will stop for 30 seconds each at each station and will run at a frequency of 30 minutes.

To quote BMRCL MD N Sivasailam:
"The Bangalore Metro, in terms of technology, is comparable to any metro rail system in the world - in Europe , USA or China - and is even ahead of some of them"

According to a report in the TOI, "Trains will be Wi-Fi enabled, so passengers can use laptops, tablets as well as mobile internet."

As an "immigrant" but permanent resident of this lovely city, I am pretty excited to go on my maiden metro trip and am hoping it will be this weekend.

Here is my route map on how I will reach the station:

Well, just in case you did not get it, the idea was to boast how close I stay to the metro station :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simply bored!

It is crazy to be "Simply Bored"!

I know that the tendency to be bored isn't great and it wasn't so just a couple of weeks back; Everything was going like I had planned- new job, working from home, closer to home, higher salary, peaceful nights...Then came a thought- I will hit the gym & I did so religiously until I fell ill(YET YET AGAIN!) on October 3rd 2011. With the illness, I finally scaled new heights in my antibiotics dosage- a third-generation antibiotics was prescribed by the doctor. What the heck is wrong with my immune system? I wish I could unravel the mystery of my recurring illness especially with my throat. Come next week and I will be going for a head-to-toe checkup. But that's not the point. It has simply disturbed my momentum in life. And nowadays, I feel this constant urge to be restless & bored without doing anything.

And in my boredom, I tend to shift my focus to something else. I "unwillingly" read articles on and pity readers like myself who have to go through so much of torture reading their articles. You should read the level of "crap" that they write- both content-wise and grammar-wise. seems to be better. Then, I go to for my daily dose of celebrity & "masala" news. Sometimes, the contents are NSFW and I have to hurry through the stories.

Facebook doesn't entice me anymore though I love watching status updates of others, just out of my curiousity to know how others are faring.

What else? TV is full of Anna Hazare "mania", Advanis and the Gandhis. In short, additions to make your boredom more miserable.

Last but not the least, whatever is being earned is graciously being spent literally washing off the burning desire to possess a cruiser-bike soon.

So, at the end of the day, there is boredom again and the cycle continues....

Yes, it is crazy to be "SIMPLY BORED!!""

Friday, September 09, 2011

How to activate voicemail on Bharti Airtel Postpaid mobile in Bangalore?

If you know the answer, please do leave me a comment about how to set it up. But, believe me when I say- Airtel have no clue about it themselves.
Originally, not an Airtel customer and frustrated with Idea’s hold-on-call that lasted for a good 10-15 minutes everytime I called them, I thought of doing my first MNP(Mobile Number Portability) to Airtel.
I had a good history with Airtel and was very impressed by their QoS- a term that doesn’t exist in their dictionary now.
My request was as simple as activating voicemail. Who wants to get a call from office at 4 am when he/she has reached home at 2 am? Yes, unfortunately, that was my poor story way back in March. But again, what if something got messed up terribly? I needed a workaround and thus subscribed to Rs. 20/- a month SMP(Smart Mail Plus). Thus began my frustration.
Trust me when I say that I have followed the correct escalation matrix :-
a) Call to Airtel Customer Care (121) at 50p for 3 minutes. Roughly about 2 hour
b) Talk with floor supervisors. Roughly about ½ hr@50p per 3 minutes.
c) E-Mail to customer care: Roughly about 6 times.
d) Escalation e-mail to South Nodal team. Once
e) Visiting the nearest Airtel Store. They know just one thing- Dial 121 from the store.
f) Threatening to disconnect call and go for an alternative service provider. 3 times.
Its utterly unbelievable folks but they’d rather lose a customer than take a sincere effort to resolve the issue. They have stopped replying to my e-mails or calling me now to take the issue to resolution.
In a nutshell, it’s been a frustrating experience. I am going for a MNP again tomorrow, not for a VMS (now that I have changed my job & it’s not required) but only as a way of peaceful protest against a now sub-standard bunch of so called technical & customer service executives of Bharti Airtel.
Sunil Mittal is a rich guy. He would not mind losing a customer who paid Rs. 1422.33 as a “parting gift” to the company. That is just Rs. 17067.96 a year…
But, remember Airtel- HFZ hai !

For you reference, Smart Mail Plus procedure is as follows:

Now MNP Port in customers can use smart mail service on 52555. Customer to dial USSD Short Code *321*671# for activation.

Call 52668 (toll free) to activate or deactivate

Monthly rental of Rs 15/- for existing customers. Rs.20/- for new activationRetrieving 75ps, Call 52667 (for settings) @ Rs 3/min

- Call gets diverted to Voicemail(VM) under the following conditions
When the customer is out of reach
When Mobile is Switched Off
If unreachable
- Smart mail working condition when in roaming
In not reachable mode
Switched Off mode

- Get Missed Call Information(MCI) thru sms under the above conditions:
- All VM notifications or Missed call Information notifications will include mobile number and time.
- Retrieval of all VM on IVR 52666 or retrieval of a particular number VM on IVR 52666** (specified in sms).
- Retrieval of messages while in Roaming or even from a local Landline

- Call 52666(75ps) for retrieval of all VMs or 52666** as specified in the sms for a particular voicemail
- For Landline retrieval call 9945501491, enter mobile number and password* to access VMs
- Customer can retrieve while roaming by calling ten digit number 9945501491(roaming rates) after password* verification.

For Settings:
- Call 52667(Rs3/min)
- Set your Password
- Record your personalized message or select a pre-recorded message
- Set messages as default message, Person specific message or Alternate message(define time period)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super service from HP Customer Care, Bangalore

Possibly, one of the only reasons to keep me awake this moment! I have just been out of an hour long call with BMC Support. These two days have been 'freaking' hell! Not that I am complaining about the work or the hours but get thoroughly frustrated to 'over-commitment' of the biggies!


It has been a long time since I last blogged. A blogger since 2004 and an early-bird, of late I have been busy shuffling between tiring work hours and the need to commit to my personal duties.

Having said that, I would not been blogging at this hour hadn't it been for the timely support of HP's Service Center in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

My HP laptop is again up and running...

A month back, I was informed that the laptop would not boot. A little later, there was a yellow line on the screen(Read: Permanent Damage) and a little later

Since it was purchased in the U.S through and at that moment did not care about international warranty, So, I wasn't expecting much from the Service Center- Maha Electronics at 13th Main Indira nagar.

On enquiry, I was bridged to the customer care and they said that the laptop wasn't supported in India.

With this, I was left with the only option that I usually follow to get the best out of any support- I spoke to the manager Mr. Rajeev who first empathized, sympathized and then said he would "work on that on a best effort basis" to get it working and asked me to leave the laptop there.

Days passed and we were getting impatient but the most pleasing part was that the Service Center guys kept informing that the "Hold your breath" FREE replacement was on its way.

Finally, it arrived yesterday much to our immense delight. And today, I received a call from HG Padmaraju(the engineer) that the "Hold your breath again!" FREE LCD replacement had arrived and we could get that replaced whenever we wanted to.

That's like a stress buster, ain't it?

On a closing note, I don't know why I keep writing about "Customer Rights" and "Customer Experiences". My cousin Anand teases me with the line "Jaago Grahak Jaago"

Yes, indeed! I was "awakened" by this excellent customer support. Kudos to HP and the Maha guys..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Google Instant is such a pain in the neck

There is no way to turn this off permanently and if you have a slow internet connection, it becomes a real thorn.

I liked every feature of Google but this is one that I really want Google to take off their feature list.

I hope they are listening…!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What to do in Tampa, Florida!

Laying on my bed after a long day at work, I am having a good feeling and it's not related to work at all!

Technically, 8 working days from now and I will be back home to Bengalooru- Yeah! Heaven only knows how I much I adore that place?

However, as I am rewinding my emot state during my 4 months stay here at Tampa Bay, I know for sure that I like this place and wish to come back here again but this time with my family.

There are 9 things that I could think of that would summarize my "good feeling" for the place:-

  1. Weather : Not as perfect as Bangalore but ask someone from Minneapolis and they would say- it's Paradise
  2. Marts and Malls: Walmart, CompUSA, Best Buy, Target, Whole Foods, International Plaza, International Flea Market(Tampa's own cheap market), Dollar Store. There is a whole bunch of malls and shopping marts here. And for all other things, there is craigslist.
  3. Night-Life & Clubs: It's a bachelor's heaven here. From gentlemen's club to night-clubs, the place apparently ranks in the Top 10's of the world. If you don't believe me, read more about Joe Redner in the Wikipedia.
  4. Downtown & YBor City: If you are in Tampa, you would certainly visit downtown and YBor City. From Hookah bars to beer joints, the center around the 8th Avenue is alive from about 9:30 pm to 3 :00 am to 3:30 am in the morning
  5. Close to Miami and Orlando: These are the three tourist hotspots namely for beaches and theme parks. Miami is like a 5 hour drive and Orlando is around 2 hours from Tampa.
  6. People: Good "civilized" people…
  7. Something "Indian": For an Indian, one of our prime requisites will be the availability of Indian stores- there are plenty of restaurants and departmental stores here to get Indian food. (I guess nowadays its not an issue anywhere in the world: D). Oh, did I forget to mention that I watched two Indian Tamil movies here at Tampa?-Enthiran The Robot and Manmadhan Ambu !
  8. HART service: The bus service is pretty fine compared to where I was in the US before (Plano, TX). You can take unlimited rides in a day with a 3.75$ bus-pass OR go for an unlimited ride monthly pass at 60$. Of course, the buses are not available round the clock but it's available every half an hour during the day and before midnight. Saturday and Sunday follows a different schedule.
  9. Compact: All the places that you would want to go or visit is close to each other.


Yeah, it's been an effen-tastic experience!!