Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upcoming: Blood Donation Camp by BGWA in Bangalore to commemorate “Gorkha Shaheed Diwas”: Please participate


Dear all,

Bharatiya Gorkhali Welfare Association, Bangalore will organize a Blood Donation Camp to commemorate Shaheed Diwas on 2 August 2009.

Venue: Rotary House of Friendship, Lavelle Road, Bangalore (Next to Hotel Regalis)
Time: 9.30 am onwards

Shaheed Diwas is observed to commemorate the incident of July 27, 1986 in Kalimpong, Dist. Darjeeling in which 14 innocent lives were lost in police firing on a peaceful rally supporting the formation of the state of Gorkhaland.

Since this day Gorkhalis all over the world have observed July 27 as Shaheed Diwas as a mark of respect for all those who laid down their lives.

All those who would like to participate and donate may contact Rewat (9844827500).
Also, please SMS your friends and contacts to let them know of this event and ask them to participate.



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Monday, July 06, 2009

Roger Federer wins Wimbledon 2009 vs IIFA Awards, Macau: Switch On!!

Everyone is asleep and I dare not disturb them. There are guests at home and I am sleeping in the hall with my family. I had taken a long break from blogging for reasons I cannot elaborate at the moment. It was a well deserved break- just to wake up at about midnight to write an article, because my heart is filled with overflowing thoughts coming from the fathoms of my heart.

Sunday evening and I was beaten by what I call a summer rain on my way back from Koramangala. After a good meal, I switched on the television.

Star Plus is re-running the IIFA Awards show that was held at Macau earlier this year. As usual, they have the "funny" skits - like the ones that infuriated Ashutosh Gowarikar in a recent award show. And Star Sports has the Wimbledon's finals going on. And like most, I believed this was a cakewalk for the revived and revitalized, arguably the greatest tennis player of all times: Roger Federer.

So, between choices of individuals, I was doing what my newly purchased remote does best- Swapping between Star Sports and IIFA Awards.

Fedex was one set down and I didn't want to watch so flipped to IIFA, much to the delight of many at home. Sonam Kapoor looked outstandingly "ewww" in her dance outfit. I always thought she was a better dancer. Switch...

Nice!! Federer is set level with Roddick. Roddick is sending fireballs. Will Fedex survive this onslaught? Switch...


Now, this is great! Federer up 2 sets to 1. One more set and he beats all records. I feel good...

Abhishek Bachhan, the heir apparent to the throne of Bollyhood is dancing like his father. There aren't many as lucky as him. The best thing about a Bollyhood award function is that my set of celebrities always get one- One from the Bachhan family, one from the Khan family, one from the Akhtar family, one from the Roshan family or one from the Yash family and yes, one deservingly for AR Rahman... Switch...

Oh my God! Federer loves five setters, doesn't he?
Roddick has steamrolled over him in the fourth set. Is he going to do a Nadal? The stalwarts of the game like Sampras and Bjorg and even Sir. Alex Ferguson are watching from the box. History beckons both Fedex and Roddick...Switch!

IIFA awards has Hrithik singing. Believe me, he is best at dancing..Switch...

This is turning out to be a cracker- the Wimbledon 2009 Mens single final. Powerful serves, immaculate baseline shots, terrific backhand, lofted forehand- name it and you have it. Fedex looks composed and so does Roddick. I felt pity for Mirka- Fedex's wife. She must have had her heart in her mouth and mind you, she is seven months pregnant. Poor lady!!

Read it tomorrow in the papers and see it over and over again, this Wimbledon's final was one of the most pulsating and intense one ever. If you were to ask me, I would rate this the best tennis final ever along with last years epic. From 6-7 to 7-7, 8-7..... till 14-16, each moment was heart stopping and breathtaking. Roddick was accurate with his serves and Federer was unleashing his trademark backhand. You never knew what would happen next. And yes, in the end, the inevitable happened- Federer won it. To be honest, things might have been different if Nadal was around but this is mere speculation. Fedex was calm and composed throughout the intense tie breaker. I imagined myself in that situation and saw myself sweating nervously. I felt sorry for Roddick- he is a great champion and a great human being, on and off the court. I believe his day will come. He didnt deserve to lose today. But...there had to be a winner and who else but Roger!!

Roger there Sir
.... This is an ode to you!!

Switch off....zzZ!!