Wednesday, April 22, 2009

True Celebration of Earth Day 22nd April 2009 in Bangalore

Today, 22nd April 2009 is celebrated worldwide as "Earth Day"- a day to remember the greatness of this planet and pledge our ethical responsibilities to protect it.

A snapshot from BGWA website.

On Feb 24th, 2007, I had written an article about how "Charity should begin at home". I still believe in that reasoning. But somewhere, my thought manifestation has diversified.

In order to cherish our existence and celebrate "Earth", we should first learn to cherish humanity. This morning, I received an SMS informing me about the tragic and untimely death of a man from the hills. He had come to Bangalore in search of a job with his 13 year old son. Imagine the mental plight and condition of this 13 year old kid in an unknown city.

I wanted to visit the hospital and provide necessary help but was caught up with some unavoidable personal committments. Therefore, I SMS'ed Arnav Subba and shot a mail to the youth wing of BGWA. Trusted BGWA Youth wing leaders Bishal Chhetri and Dr. Sailendra Dewan quickly acted on the little information we all had and demonstrated what true leadership is all about- selfless leadership by setting epitomic examples themselves!

Dr. Dewan, I believe, was there right from the start to the end of the day, sacrificing his day at work, skipping meals and without thought for his personal well-being.

This is the second instance in less than a week, when youth leaders (including Mr. Praveen Subba) of BGWA have been active in helping people, under similar circumstances.

I agree that we are bounded by the vicious circle of time management but we aren't, by what "little" we can contribute to humanity. Often, people have hesitation in joining an organization or openly supporting an ideology, but it is worth giving a try to see if that works.

I believe organizations such as the BGWA is working. And, today, it showed what was the perfect way to celebrate "Earth's Day"! Needless to say, I have stopped believing in switching off all electrical applicances for an hour.

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