Saturday, February 24, 2007

Greenpeace: A small step for you, a giant leap for the nation

..A small step for you, a giant leap for the nation...!

We complain of dirty roads, blocked drains, dusty tracks, traffic.......INDIA..
But, have we realized....??

"We are the ones throwing cigarrette buds into the drain or on the street.."
"We are the ones switching lanes as per our convenience and breaking traffic rules..."
"We are the ones immaculately cleaning our houses and leaving the mess on the road".

So, it's WE who are behind this mess.. ... the mess that glooms over our country's image.

It is our mess rather than complaining, let's get into action and change for the better.

I have already started to cleanse my part of this ruckus and well, it kinda seems to work.


There is a power cut, my roomie is not at home and my roomie's PC starts beeping. I know the battery wont last more than 5 minutes. Do I leave it beeping until the battery drains out or do I switch off his PC and the UPS? Now, I might think- "I have told him many a times to switch off his PC before going out, so let the damn thing be as it is!!". Or I might ask myself, "If this was my PC, would I have left it beeping?".

And, when you ask yourself this simple question, you would naturally go and switch off the PC.

It is a simple solution of self realization and it is really easy to practice in your day to day life.

So, the next time you are about to throw a cigarrette bud in your fren's western pot, after your morning ritual, spare a moment and ask yourself a single question- "If this was my toilet, would I have done the same??".

"Ah!, honestly, well, NO because when the drain blocks, I will have to pay the plumber for fixing it..."

And, if you stop there and start to look for an ashtray....I would say, "It was a moment of pure thought but a thought worth cherishing millions of time......!!"


  1. Nice...! I liked this piece :-)

  2. Good thought.I've been the worst victim of man's ignorance or should I say lack of civic sense. These are people who think the world is a garbage dump and look at the irony of people...they cover their noses with squeaky clean white hankies when they pass through the garbage!!People should strive towards being educated not literate. Then maybe our world will be a better place. The filth is in people's minds so a cleaning spree should take place there first.
    Thanks friend for giving me space to vent my disgust.