Monday, February 26, 2007

An interview of "me with I"

[[Author's notes: Self-appraisal and future goals, interviewed by my alter-ego :)]]

“Future is a futuristic term”!!

In conversation with Sash, in my Blog-column “Me with I”!

Good morning Sash. It’s good to see you nice and healthy. I hope you are having a great day.

Good morning to you too. Yes, I am. It’s a bright Thursday in this beautiful city.

  1. So, let me start with the first question. How was the year 2006 for you?

It was one of the best years in my life, in all respects viz. socially, professionally and mentally. My health was good and so was my growth in professional life. I was mentally more determined then ever and socially, grooved well with new frens and still managed to keep up the ole charm with the older folks.

  1. What were your achievements in the year 2006?

Well, honestly, it had to be in terms of professional life. I got a good appraisal first from my ex-employer and then, in the month of August, I got a great offer (Read: Laden with a good package) from my current company. Further, I got a chance to visit the United States for official work, in the month of December. The very fact that the trip was the “first in my family” said it all about the thrill and joy I had.

  1. Tell me more about your US Trip. How was it?

I have only two words to sum it all- TOTAL FUN! It’s a great country with an overwhelming majority of disciplined people. The people are direct and to the point and prefer their privacy and respect other’s as well. Culturally, we are very different. So, that made it an experience worth remembering. The best thing I liked about Plano, Texas was the traffic rules. It was a nice feeling to see people following traffic rules 24/7.

The initial two weekends were boring given the fact that we were forced to stay in our hotel because we (Rekha and I) did not have a car and in the US, especially Plano, Texas, it becomes a necessity. The DART service (Dallas Area Road Transport) provides buses to different places but it is limited and arrives and departs at scheduled timings from selected points.

REKHA AND I- Partners in crime.

Hiring cabs is an expensive affair so we avoided it, keeping in mind our limited budget.

However, after ten days, we were fortunate to meet a NRI Gujarati family(Keyur Bhai, his wife Sunita, his brother Avi Bhai and their daddy) and our fortunes changed. I would say they were my best hosts till date given the fact that they took us to their house and treated us like their family members.

Keyur and Sunita- Perfect couples!

And the rest, as they say is forever etched in my memory- Trip to Irving, Arlington, Richardson, Carrolton, Addison and Garland(to mention a few), the new years party at Raddison Hotel in Texas, Christmas party at my manager’s house, amazing shopping spree at Kohl’s, Tom Thumb, Best Buy, Walmart and Circuit City(Again, to mention a few)!.

  1. Did you have any bad experiences there?

No, none in particular, except for the fact that I missed India and Indian food prepared in Indian way.

  1. What are your plans for the future?

Future is a futuristic term. I believe in the moment. I want to give the best to my company and be a good son to my family.

  1. What do you do on weekends?

Well, the weekends are the days that I long for. I have recently learnt swimming and it has become my passion. I go along to National Games Village along with my ole friends.

Dammie(Daman Pant) - In the backdrop of NGV swimming pool!

Its exciting and I am not complaining even though I have tanned myself.

Thank you Sash for your time. Wish you great success in the years to come. This interview was taken on Thursday, 22nd of Feb 2007.


  1. Sexy! Nice style.. very innovative..

  2. First step to being a Nobel Laureate! I know this "can do will do attitude" will definitely take you places pal. My Best Wishes.