Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The interpretation of love through Cricket!

[[Author's notes: this idea came up during a small tea break in office!]]

Interview with a cricketer who is a software engineer and unfortunately a bachelor!!.

And so, Raj, when are you giving me the good news?

Well, the preparation for the World Cup has begun. I am looking forward to it this year but I got to perform well in the upcoming series to finally get a selection call for the World Cup...

Common man, one quarter of the year is about to end and you are yet to play in a series.

Yes, buddy. First of all, I had not decided of playing the World cup this year. So, playing in a series to prove myself and choose my worthy opponent wasn’t there in the cards. Now, that I am practicing on a daily basis, I really have to play against a few opponents so that I get selected for the World Cup, where I want to emerge victorious.

How do you rate your opponents of the upcoming series?

Well, the team from “Andheri” is not performing well despite the fact that it has had many series prior to this one. I would not rate this team highly. I had a similar experience prior to this. There was a huge hue and cry about the team from “Bandra” but it turned out to be a lop-sided game. The media had portrayed them with high grandeur but I beat them convincingly. I hate to play against minnows.

The media always hypes, or for that matter, over-hypes, so I hate to comment further and would take each opponent like the way they deserve to be treated.

What would you count on to take the team that would give you a fight?

Well, I am going to the fitness club on a regular basis and improving my persona. The trainer is helping me shape up and tone my body. I had no problems with my technique, looking at my past performances. So, I guess I will be able to come out victorious.

Would you mind loosing to a good side?

Winning and losing is a part of the game. So, no worries. There is always another series where you can perform well. Remember, as I have always said “Form is temporary but class is permanent.”


World Cup: Marriage

Upcoming series: Looking for bride as in “Matrimonial sites”

Worthy opponent: Possible wife

Practicing on a daily basis: Checking profiles on the internet

Team from Andheri: Married, now divorced.

Team from Bandra: A girl who had a great profile in the matrimonial site but she wasn’t impressive.

Media: Matrimonial sites.

Technique: Talents

Past performance: Past relationships.

Losing to a good side: Getting a great gal but getting rejected by her.

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