Tuesday, March 31, 2009

India Today Book Club: Fraud, Scam- Don't trust!

If you stumbled on this page, I am sure it was with a purpose. Either you have not been able to reach the India Today Book Club customer support or you haven’t received your free gifts or haven’t received the order at all.

Yes, Folks, beware of India Today Book Club offers... Read e-mails below to get the flow of the story. Or you can directly begin with the comments at the end.

"You cannot trust anyone these days, even reputed companies!"

Offer Details!

Here are the TOC's, there is no mention of the articles being sent in "parts"!

Terms and Conditions:

* Rs 300 to apply as order handling and delivery charges over and above the offer value of Rs 799.
* By placing the order, the purchaser understands and agrees to all the terms and conditions of the offer.
* We will take 3-4 weeks for delivery of order subject to stocks availability.
* It will not be possible to cancel the order once the order is placed.
* Offer is available only till stocks last.
* Actual product may vary from the images shown here.
* Living Media India Limited reserves the right to terminate or extend this offer or any part thereof at any time.
* All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Delhi/New Delhi only.
* All forms received after the cut-off date will not be entertained and hence not eligible for the offer. Living media India Pvt Ltd. will not be responsible for postal delays,transit losses or mutilation of the order form/parcel.
* For any further assistance, please call 011-40502424 or email us at feedback@indiatodaybookclub.com

The first mail I sent to ITBC after placing the order…

From: Sachin [mailto:mailfxx@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 12:32 PM
To: response (ITBC)
Subject: Reference: MITBC-WEB-12182175: Offer


I did a booking today for the offer. I would like to know if I will be given a call prior to the delivery of the goods. I ask this because I have given my residence address for delivery. So, I might not be available at all times there. And there is no one at home.

Also, please confirm that the "Reebok TShirt size" is "L" or "Large"




Response from ITBC...

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 4:08 PM, Response wrote:
Dear Member,

Thanks for mail to us.

With reference to your mail we would like to inform you that your has been fully processed form our side and it will be dispatch as soon as possible so it is not possible to dispatch this order to other address. Kindly try to receive this parcel as the same address and provide us that address mostly you present there. As per your query we would like to inform you that no any Reebok T-shirt in your order which you have place.

Kindly note down your Membership number for future reference ITBC09948052

We value our customer and trust that you enjoy our products.

Your valuable association with the India Today Book Club means a lot to us.

Assure you of our best services always.

For any further query or assistance please feel free to get back to us or contact us on 011-40502424, 1800-10-24242(toll free)

Thanks & Regards,
India Today Book Club

My response to ITBC...

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 5:54 PM, Sachin wrote:
What do you mean by NO ANY REEBOK TSHIRT
There was an offer right???

My second e-mail to ITBC. Consider yourself lucky if you get to the customer care!

On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Sachin wrote:
And what about your customer service? I have placed so many calls on your toll free number and I get no response.

I applied for the scheme Reebok TSHIRT , A BAG and CD's for rupees 1099(700 +399)=1099

Any other offers will be rejected and further promotional mails from your end will go into my spam box.

Thank you.

And surprisingly, even before I got a clarification to my last query, I got an SMS which said that the order had been processed...

From: Sachin
Date: Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: order details and address related
To: Response


Even before attending my queries, you have processed my order-0GA090037898???

What are you sending in the dispatchment???

Immediately, I wrote back to ITBC...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sachin
Date: Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 6:13 PM
Subject: About order:0GA090037898
To: response@indiatodaybookclub.com

Please cancel the order if these items are not coming via VPP:

a) 8 CD's

b) Reebok TShirt

c) Adidas Bag

I have seen numerous complaints on the internet regarding the non-delivery of the aforesaid items.


Needless to say, I will not accept the consignment if it doesn't contain the above said items and lastly, this is my last transaction with your organization.



This e-mail from ITBC didn’t make sense at all. It was a simple case of beating around the bush!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Response
Date: Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 3:53 AM
Subject: RE: order details and address related
To: Sachin

Dear Member,

We thank you for your e-mail to us.
In this regard we would like to inform you that we have dispatched your order through ARAMEX COD under the consignment number 6127210235.
We request you to kindly wait for some more time and you will receive the same at the earliest.
We will be happy to render any further assistance or clarification that you may require.
Your valuable association with the India Today Book Club means a lot to us.
Assure you of our best possible services always.

For further queries, please feel free to get back to us or Call us on our Helpline Number (011-40502424 or 1800 1024242 tolls free, 9:30 AM TO 6:30 PM, all 7 days) or Write to us at:




NEW DELHI-110068

Warm Regards,

Executive Relations

India Today Book Club

And again, I received an e-mail after 12 days...

and it is funny…security reason, EH?

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Response wrote:

Dear Member,

Thanks for your mail to us.

With reference to your mail, we would like to inform you that as you will receive the parcel kindly intimate us about the same along with your T-shirt size and invoice number, so that we can dispatch the same from our end in the next lot. This is to inform you that due to security reason we do not dispatch the free gift along with the parcel.

Kindly make a note of your membership number as given below for future reference.

* ITBC09948052

We assure to provide you with best service always.

For further queries and assistance please feel free to get back to us on same or call us on our helpline number(s) _

011-4050-2424 or 1800-102-4242(Toll Free**)

Thanks & Regards

Zishan Ahmed

India Today Book Club

My reply to ITBC's response...

From: Sachin [mailto:mailxx]
Sent: 2009-04-06 16:41

To: response (ITBC)
Subject: Re: order details and address related

Nothing was mentioned in your TOC about gifts arriving late!

What is the use of providing TSHIRT size on your page( when I initially signed up for the offer..)when I need to inform you again about my size again now???

I understand your marketing gimmick. Do what you can. Am not accepting your parcel as you all have violated TOC's of the offer.

On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 4:31 PM, Response wrote:

Dear Member

Thanks for your email.

With reference to your mail we would like to inform you that as your order has been already dispatched from our end, it is not possible for us to cancel the same. Kindly accept the delivery as it reaches to your doorsteps.

We value your association with the India Today Book Club and assure you of our best services at all times.

For further queries, please feel free to get back to us or Call us on our Helpline Number (011-40502424 or 1800 1024242 toll free, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm) or Write to us at:




NEW DELHI-110068

Warm Regards,

Executive Relation

India Today Book Club

My response to ITBC...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sachin
Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: order details and address related
To: Response

I am sorry but I am not accepting your offer.

Thereafter, I thought of writing to ITBC directly. In search of the ITBC contacts, I accidentally stumbled upon Mr. Prabhu Chawla’s blog.

So, I posted a comment to Mr. Prabhu Chawla on "Seedhi-Baat". I waited for a day, to see if action will be taken, before posting this piece on my blog.

Dear Mr. Chawla,

Greetings! I didn't stumble into your blog-site by chance and this doesn't pertain to the talk you had with Mr. Anand. But, rather, it is due to unavoidable circumstances. I am not too sure if you do write the blogs yourself or you have a "ghost-writer". I wouldn't care and further I don't know if this comment will approved. This is but a strict "Seedhi Baat" about what is happening with a subsidiary of India Today- the India Today Book Club.

Do you realize there are tens of hundreds of bad reviews for the book club and it is has reference directly to "Aajtak" as per the confidentiality note in the e-mails they sent?

I didn't care about these but ITBC has proved that the reviews are correct!!

As per the marketing policy, I received an email about CD's+TShirt+Adidas bag at Rs.1099(inclusive of delivery charges). I went ahead trusting your brand but it seems only the CD's will be sent. A lot of my friends have also been "cheated" like this-luring prospective customers with e-mails and not delivering what is promised.

I had a torrid time reaching the customer care and when I did, they informed me that I need to read the TOC. This is funny the ad about the offer is as big as the webpage itself and TOC doesn't specify sending packages by parts.

When I see "Aajtak", I see a lot of breaking news everyday, everyhour. Have you ever thought of portraying ITBC scam on your news channel? Or is the media based on selfish values?

I can give you lots of reviews available on the internet on ITBC, if you don't believe in this.

If you do not have the authority, do please forward to the authorities concerned. I trust you with the job of being a responsible constituent of the Indian Media.

Best Regards,

I haven't yet received a feedback...

Incase you receive offers like this from any company, Remember to:-

a)Check offer reviews and feedback by searching the Internet. "ITBC" and companies like "Country Club" has tons of negative feedback from customers.

b)Check the e-mail address of the sender.

c)If you have doubts, approach the company through it customer care and inquire.

Friday, March 27, 2009


This weekend is going to be dull for all of us, we-"the futbol crazy", as there are no matches scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. But, here is something that might just cheer you up. We are approaching the end of this financial year and transitively most of us are financially approaching“poverty”.
So, we’d have to wait till Tuesday to get our year end salary and get "rich" again.
In short, an EPL game with a satisfied Saturday morning shopping and a good afternoon meal is certainly worth this wait, isn’t it?

Yeah ! Yeah Yeah….!!

Now, let me predict week 31 results along with the players who I believe will make a difference next weekend.

The analysis given below is for FPL(Fantasy Premier League) and aimed to help you choose the best players for FPL on GameWeek 31. If you don't agree, you have every right to choose "your" player.

Blackburn V Tottenham 4 Apr 12:45

Tottenham’s recent run of form has been the best among the EPL teams. So, I expect a healthy margin of victory for them.

Prediction: 3-1 in favor of the Spurs.
Players to select: Aaron Lennon (A good buy for those who are missing Arteta), Robbie Keane (A little expensive considering his erratic form)

Arsenal V Man City 4 Apr 15:00

Arsenal will carry on from where it left in Game Week 30 and beat Manchester City easily. Manchester City has no real firepower to feed Bellamy or Robinho.

Prediction: 2-0 in favor of the Gunners.
Players to select: Arshavin or Bendtner. Arsene has a lot of “arsenal” in his forward lineup. So, you cannot expect the forwards to play the full 90 minutes. Make a wise choice here!

Bolton V Middlesbrough 4 Apr 15:00

This is going to be a boring match. You can skip this and celebrate “Microsoft Day” instead.

Prediction: 1-0 or 0-1, who cares?
Players to select: Avoid!

Hull City V Portsmouth 4 Apr 15:00

Do not select Peter Crouch again. He is a one day wonder.

Prediction: The game will end in a 1-1 stalemate or a late victory for Hull.
Players to select: Geovanni, if you really want to. Yes, Ricketts for defender is a good, cheap buy.

Newcastle V Chelsea 4 Apr 15:00

Chelsea will be back with a bang after their bitter loss to Spurs. Expect plenty of goals against a depleted and demoralized Newcastle side.

Prediction: 4-1 in favor of Chelsea.
Players to select: Lampard (if you haven’t already, he is going to cost you a fortune). Select Essien, if you can’t afford Lampard.

West Brom V Stoke City 4 Apr 15:00

The last of the boring encounters this game week. If you already celebrated “Microsoft’s Day”, then go for a stroll with your wife. If you ain’t married, take your dog instead. If you don’t have a dog, then do something instead!

Prediction: 1-0 or 0-1, who cares?
Players to select: Avoid!

West Ham V Sunderland 4 Apr 15:00

Carlton Cole is back and so, do you find ya’self lucky, Mackems?

Prediction: 2-1 for West Ham
Players: Pick up Carlton Cole, a cost effective forward.

Fulham V Liverpool 4 Apr 17:30

Liverpool will do an Aston again.

Prediction: 4-1 for Liverpool.
Players: Gerrard and Reina(if you haven’t have them already!). However, you could also possibly look at Mark Schwarzer as the GK. He has done outstandingly well in the EPL this season and comes real cheap.

Everton V Wigan 5 Apr 15:00

I am predicting a late- lucky goal for Everton.

Prediction: 1-0 to Everton
Players: Pick up Baines

Man Utd V Aston Villa 5 Apr 16:00

Manchester United will bounce back and so will Ronaldo.
Aston Villa will lose this game again. The look like a tired side and have been morally beaten.

Prediction: 2-0 to ManUtd.
Players to select: OShea for defender and Ronaldo for Midfielder.


The Genius vs. The Average Human

Photo: Courtesy- MorgueFile

Most humans always need an inspiration for survival and a reason to excel. Excellence can be classified into induced excellence and inborn excellence. Induced excellence is achieved gradually in time whereas inborn excellence comes congenitally. I believe human beings can be divided into two categories only- the average human and the excellent human or the geniuses.

The inspiration vs. perspiration quote by Edison with respect to a genius is only a consolation to the average people. Through perspiration, you can never be a genius. You might be close to one but to be classified as a genius, you need to have these qualities:-

a) Imagination
b) Innovation
c) Originality
d) Continual proof that you have qualities "a' through "c".

Imagination comes naturally to all human beings.
When I was a child, I used to think - "Why don't people dig down till the end of the earth and have a passage to space? You know, like a slide to space". Why would rockets be necessary then?. I would classify that as an imagination.
People from the field of language and related subjects like poets and authors have imagination in plenty but they are sparse in innovation.

Innovation is to think way beyond the box. This doesn't naturally come to an individual who is striving to be a genius. The psyche of a person trying to be a genius is to achieve a certain goal but he or she cannot see an "invisible" goal. When an average person tries to be a genius, he is aware through his experiences in life that he is not a "born" genius, however hard he tries. Innovation comes naturally to geniuses.

Originality comes through imagination and innovation and this is where the difference between the average and the geniuses is clearly visible. For sports persons, physical strength, endurance and raw stamina substitutes these three points. For an example, how many times have you run a marathon at school, which always had a set of guys winning it?

Now, you might cite examples of ordinary folks becoming geniuses but that that came through time. It therefore becomes a necessity to state if a person is genius through time or genius by birth. A true genius will continually exhibit imagination, innovation and originality. A genius through time is but the average human being.

More info: A real Genius!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adultcare Assistance Homecare : A welcome solution.

It is an open truth that the liberty to live at one’s own home is cherished by everyone, irrespective of age. But, for caring sons, daughters or relatives who have a busy schedule and are unable to take care of their elderly loved ones at home, this truth become a point of contemplation. Luckily, Homecare Phoenix is in place as a solution.

Research has shown that about 90% of older people prefer to live independently at home. However, some need extra attention as compared to others and these are mainly related to health. Home Care Phoenix solves these concerns by offering diverse medical professionals including certified nurses, caregivers or even health-aids.

Phoenix Homecare almost caters to every service that your loved ones needs. From monitoring medications, light housekeeping, laundry work to even being a supportive friend. The most satisfying aspect of this offering is that your loved ones are happy and safe at home. Needless to say, it is imminent that the caregivers would be checked for their past and criminal background. Further, the criteria for selection of a caregiver would be based on his/her emotional quotients like friendliness, patience or compassion along with skills.

Adultcare Assistance Homecare is one such agency that provides Homecare services. Approved and recognized by many well known establishments, the firm does a thorough background check on caregivers before referral. They also supplement specific health care services like Alzheimer's or Dementia care

A great solution and I would say a wise choice!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Online Reputation Management- A discussion.

In this age of information superhighway and the internet, it is easy and quick for anyone to malign the Online Reputation of your company or your business. Needless to say, in the world of business, everything depends upon reputation. The “Satyam” story in India is one such example. There are however cases when people use the internet for slandering an organization out of personal motives or aspirations. A bad publicity or rumor will certainly invite feedback and reviews. The worst nightmare for entrepreneurs is when a prospective client types the company's name in "Google" or "Yahoo" and an article with negative-feedback appears at the top of the list.

To set this right, many companies have resorted to a reputation management approach or Online Reputation Management. This approach involves restoring damaged online reputation or feedback by moving the negative searches and replacing it with the positive search results. To achieve this, specialists on Internet marketing and promotion, public relations and search engine optimization are hired.

The approach to Reputation Management technique agrees that it will not be possible for negative searches to be deleted from the search engine. However, statistics have shown that most users will not be looking past the first page. So by introducing positive contents, which will be entirely client directed or conceptualized, these positive results would be streamlined to rank higher in the search engines results.

Other approaches include improvising on branding or filing a defamation suit by hiring a lawyer who specializes on reputation issues.

The only risk I see here and a potential one for everyone is that phony companies may employ the services of online reputation restoration companies. My view is that these concerns must have been raised in the past and have already been addressed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The EPL- Outcomes....!


As the world's greatest league, arguably, is drawing to a close, one can say that the revered EPL is definitely heading for a presumptive end.

Manchester United is way ahead in the points tally and it would take a superhuman and special effort from Liverpool or Chelsea to take the coveted crown.

However, the excitement is not yet over because there are some big matches coming up. These will definitely give us the extra-large scoop of enthralling experience that EPL is known for.

The biggest match of this month is beyond any doubt, tomorrow's clash between Manchester United and Liverpool. Should Manchester United win, the trophy is all but sealed. Even a draw should suffice. On the other hand, Liverpool will be hoping to double their early season victory over the reigning champions.
With midfielder Riera back in the side, Stephen Gerrard will hope to continue the form they demonstrated while running amok over a beleaguered Real Madrid.

Liverpool, over the years has performed consistently well in big matches and their fans would surely be anticipating pure magic from them. The onus is on the players to deliver and conquer, even if the final score line reads 1-0.

The other competitive matches will surely involve the following teams: Aston Villa and Arsenal. These teams are head locked to knock each other out of the final Champions League spot. The difference in points between the two teams is very nominal. Arsenal has missed Eduardo, who is now recognized more for his career-threatening injury than his brilliant antics on field. Arsene's worries don’t end here as his prized forward will miss the match against Blackburn this weekend due to a groin injury. This is the second injury he has sustained since his comeback.

Arshavin's late entry into the league will also boost their chances and a lot also depends on Persie's form. But, surely, they are a very unpredictable side.

Aston Villa on the other hand has relied mostly on Agbonlahor and Ashley Young throughout the tourney. Their defense isn't too great and results might not be in their favour as the league progresses into the final stages.

By the end of the season, many fans of these teams are likely to turn into statisticians.

Is Everton listening?

When the leaders have so much to offer, can the "strugglers" be far behind? Relegation surely beckons West Bromwich Albion. They are sitting pretty and "perched" at the bottom of the table.

On a side-note, an observer might say that most of their supporters have already started chanting "Going Going" instead of "Boing Boing".

The last relegation spot inevitably has now become "chicken-neck" spot separating the two leagues. It is going to be a nail-biting finish till the end. Blackburn was consistently in the second last spot until their recent run of good form. Middlesbrough on the other hand have shown their inconsistent form throughout. In particular, their forwards have disappointed.

Stoke City has played strokes of amazing football. They were unlucky once to be destroyed by a Frank Lampard lightening but then, they played the match of a lifetime against Aston Villa. Surely, they do not deserve to be relegated and it would be disheartening if they did.

Football fans may be finding it hard to digest the fact that Portsmouth and Newcastle are in the bottom half of the table. The injury plagued Newcastle team awaits the return of Owen, Viduka and Duff to take them to the safer zone. Portsmouth on the other hand, needless to say, has played badly. The "Pompeys" must "crouch" quickly before it is too late.

Therefore, if you are not a ManUtd fan, do not be dismayed. Soccer is not about a team but it is the spirit of appreciation and intensity that keeps the game going.

And don’t they rightfully say, "The Vision of a Champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, and the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching."
-Sachin Tewari

This article was written on Friday, March 13, 2009 prior to the ManUTD vs Liverpool clash.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"DanceaGoGo Sexy NightClub Workout" for Women- A review!

The age of fitness finesse is here. Fitness has a new name and it is sexy, improvised and hot.
Andrea Lin, an extremely talented, beautiful and innovative performer has created a style of dance fitness regimen that will soon and certainly be a buzz-word in the world of women's fitness.

"DanceaGoGo Nightclub Workout" is not only a standard body-toning workout formula but it is also about having fun and inculcating women to flaunt her sexiness.

Andrea Lin, an alumni of NTUT, Taiwan is an acclaimed stage performer who has worked with celebrities like Britney, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Puff Daddy, Lenny Kravitz, to name a few.

She has streamlined all her experience and ingeniousness to her style of dance fitness- the "DanceaGoGo NightClub Workout".

Her 60 minutes of workout is extremely well paced and encompasses all the recognized dance forms and moves.

It has three routines as mentioned below:-

a) Routine 1 : Music Video Dance Workout
b) Routine 2: Latin Groove
c) Routine 3: NightClub Fun

In routine 1, Andre's shares her knowledge and imagin
ation, gained out of experiences as a troupe dancer to the targeted audience. She has combined fragments of free style, jazz, hip-hop, old school, burlesque, pop and infused it with sexiness, creativity and balance.

The second routine is for strengthening the lower half of a woman's body. Based on the underlying principle of Rumba Ballroom Basic, the moves are sensuous and blends strip tease, salsa, ballet, folk and belly dancing into an art-form.

The third routine is a brilliant offshoot of the two routines, blessed with originality and teaches the "little extra" move that every party loving woman desires. These moves can be mastered with practice and is a definite eye-catcher at night clubs and parties.

Andrea also explains how her techniques can be mastered.

This series definitely brings in a zephyr for women who are bored with normal aerobics or normal workouts.

The entire workout regime is available in the form of a DVD which can be ordered online through the website www.DanceaGoGo.com. The DVD also consists of extras like Photo-Gallery and "Behind-the-Scene" acts.

For starters, users can download a free preview of the DVD from website.
Last but not the least, check-out the sexy wallpapers on the website.