Monday, March 16, 2009

The EPL- Outcomes....!


As the world's greatest league, arguably, is drawing to a close, one can say that the revered EPL is definitely heading for a presumptive end.

Manchester United is way ahead in the points tally and it would take a superhuman and special effort from Liverpool or Chelsea to take the coveted crown.

However, the excitement is not yet over because there are some big matches coming up. These will definitely give us the extra-large scoop of enthralling experience that EPL is known for.

The biggest match of this month is beyond any doubt, tomorrow's clash between Manchester United and Liverpool. Should Manchester United win, the trophy is all but sealed. Even a draw should suffice. On the other hand, Liverpool will be hoping to double their early season victory over the reigning champions.
With midfielder Riera back in the side, Stephen Gerrard will hope to continue the form they demonstrated while running amok over a beleaguered Real Madrid.

Liverpool, over the years has performed consistently well in big matches and their fans would surely be anticipating pure magic from them. The onus is on the players to deliver and conquer, even if the final score line reads 1-0.

The other competitive matches will surely involve the following teams: Aston Villa and Arsenal. These teams are head locked to knock each other out of the final Champions League spot. The difference in points between the two teams is very nominal. Arsenal has missed Eduardo, who is now recognized more for his career-threatening injury than his brilliant antics on field. Arsene's worries don’t end here as his prized forward will miss the match against Blackburn this weekend due to a groin injury. This is the second injury he has sustained since his comeback.

Arshavin's late entry into the league will also boost their chances and a lot also depends on Persie's form. But, surely, they are a very unpredictable side.

Aston Villa on the other hand has relied mostly on Agbonlahor and Ashley Young throughout the tourney. Their defense isn't too great and results might not be in their favour as the league progresses into the final stages.

By the end of the season, many fans of these teams are likely to turn into statisticians.

Is Everton listening?

When the leaders have so much to offer, can the "strugglers" be far behind? Relegation surely beckons West Bromwich Albion. They are sitting pretty and "perched" at the bottom of the table.

On a side-note, an observer might say that most of their supporters have already started chanting "Going Going" instead of "Boing Boing".

The last relegation spot inevitably has now become "chicken-neck" spot separating the two leagues. It is going to be a nail-biting finish till the end. Blackburn was consistently in the second last spot until their recent run of good form. Middlesbrough on the other hand have shown their inconsistent form throughout. In particular, their forwards have disappointed.

Stoke City has played strokes of amazing football. They were unlucky once to be destroyed by a Frank Lampard lightening but then, they played the match of a lifetime against Aston Villa. Surely, they do not deserve to be relegated and it would be disheartening if they did.

Football fans may be finding it hard to digest the fact that Portsmouth and Newcastle are in the bottom half of the table. The injury plagued Newcastle team awaits the return of Owen, Viduka and Duff to take them to the safer zone. Portsmouth on the other hand, needless to say, has played badly. The "Pompeys" must "crouch" quickly before it is too late.

Therefore, if you are not a ManUtd fan, do not be dismayed. Soccer is not about a team but it is the spirit of appreciation and intensity that keeps the game going.

And don’t they rightfully say, "The Vision of a Champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, and the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching."
-Sachin Tewari

This article was written on Friday, March 13, 2009 prior to the ManUTD vs Liverpool clash.


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