Thursday, March 12, 2009

"DanceaGoGo Sexy NightClub Workout" for Women- A review!

The age of fitness finesse is here. Fitness has a new name and it is sexy, improvised and hot.
Andrea Lin, an extremely talented, beautiful and innovative performer has created a style of dance fitness regimen that will soon and certainly be a buzz-word in the world of women's fitness.

"DanceaGoGo Nightclub Workout" is not only a standard body-toning workout formula but it is also about having fun and inculcating women to flaunt her sexiness.

Andrea Lin, an alumni of NTUT, Taiwan is an acclaimed stage performer who has worked with celebrities like Britney, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Puff Daddy, Lenny Kravitz, to name a few.

She has streamlined all her experience and ingeniousness to her style of dance fitness- the "DanceaGoGo NightClub Workout".

Her 60 minutes of workout is extremely well paced and encompasses all the recognized dance forms and moves.

It has three routines as mentioned below:-

a) Routine 1 : Music Video Dance Workout
b) Routine 2: Latin Groove
c) Routine 3: NightClub Fun

In routine 1, Andre's shares her knowledge and imagin
ation, gained out of experiences as a troupe dancer to the targeted audience. She has combined fragments of free style, jazz, hip-hop, old school, burlesque, pop and infused it with sexiness, creativity and balance.

The second routine is for strengthening the lower half of a woman's body. Based on the underlying principle of Rumba Ballroom Basic, the moves are sensuous and blends strip tease, salsa, ballet, folk and belly dancing into an art-form.

The third routine is a brilliant offshoot of the two routines, blessed with originality and teaches the "little extra" move that every party loving woman desires. These moves can be mastered with practice and is a definite eye-catcher at night clubs and parties.

Andrea also explains how her techniques can be mastered.

This series definitely brings in a zephyr for women who are bored with normal aerobics or normal workouts.

The entire workout regime is available in the form of a DVD which can be ordered online through the website The DVD also consists of extras like Photo-Gallery and "Behind-the-Scene" acts.

For starters, users can download a free preview of the DVD from website.
Last but not the least, check-out the sexy wallpapers on the website.

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