Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indo-Pak War and them? - Fictional Poerose!

To the Indian front, the vast desert of waste,
The radar spotted and aircraft, small and approaching in haste,
Early morning and warnings were sent,
"Return or we shall fire, but that went in vain"
The aircraft flew over the barbed wire.

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It was now a matter of national security- a breach had been made. A Sukhoi fleet was sent to bring down this plane and show the world of Pakistan's treacherous motives. In spite of repeated warnings, the intruding aircraft continued its advance and met its inevitable fate.
It went down somewhere in the desert.

"A search team was sent, to locate the debris fast,
To show the world of air-violation, a diplomatic victory at last"

The team found the aircraft in the desert but to their surprise-

"It was amazingly still intact. How did it survive the impact?"

Quickly, they forced the door open and saw a bright white light.

Within a minute, Rajasthan went its the prehistoric past.

The world was shocked and spellbound. The explosion was like a supernova.

"Thousands died as New Delhi geared up for the fight!"

What happened next was the World's biggest nightmare-Delhi launched its Nukes and the light and lives of Punjab, Sindh and Lahore went out in a flash.

With no alternatives and thousands of hundreds dying, Pakistan launched its one.

"The one for Delhi, Kutb Minar and Everyone"

Yes, the world was witnessing the first Nuclear War and United States did intervene quickly.

A preliminary analysis indicated that Pakistan did not send any aircraft.

'Rumours now spread of an alien invasion and Nasa became as active as ever,
Satellites photographs confirmed that the aircraft came from outer space"

Now, with thousands lying dead and millions affected by the terrible happenings, a ceasefire was announced.

And, in the aftermath, both countries started to nurse their wounds.

NASA has carried on its investigation for years but has failed to arrive to a conclusion.

Do you have an answer?

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  1. Nice plot but dude! UFO! seriously??? It was interesting hearing bout the Sukhoi fleet n stuff and thts what got me interested... but the UFO story didnt quite match up! hehe.. nyway nice plot though!