Thursday, April 23, 2009


Listed below is my list of amazing free software for Windows.

1. Foobar2000 : Low resource highly customizable media player for Windows. Searching for plugins and the installation might be some work but it is worth the time.

2. Windows Defender*: Great software for online spyware protection.

Read this article if you have problems in installing Windows Defender

3. Mozilla Firefox and extensions: Amazing, Superb....and all synonyms of these two words.

Mmm...I simply adore it!!!

Must have's for Firefox:


"Blue Ice" theme and "Vista-Aero", BlackX(My best)


a) AdBlock plus with AdBlock Filterset.G Updater
Blocks all ads.

b) Customize Google
Make google pages(gmail etc) ad-free.

c) FlashGot to use with FlashGet
Excellent utility for image download. Flashget needs to be installed though.

d) FoxClocks
Have multiple clocks on your browser

e) QTL Language translator
Translate from one language to another. Select a text and it opens up reference from Wikipedia. Great for online browsing

f) ForecastFox
Weather report plugin

g) Go to Selection
Convert text into URL and open in different tab or window

h) Fasterfox
Enhances speed of Firefox

i) Password Exporter
Excellent utility to export/import your saved passwords.

j) Leechblock
Anti-Procrastination. Use this, while at work.

k)Nuke Anything Enhanced 0.68.1
Allows hiding of almost anything via context menu 'Remove Object

l) Greasemonkey
Runs user customized scripts for browser capability enhancement like having an auto-player mode for Facebook's Mafia Wars!

4. FlashGet : Amazing software for multiple picture downloads especially if you love downloading pictures.

5. Videolan VLC Player: Great movie player with subtitle features.

6. 7-zip: Great .zip, .rar software if you are tired of Winzip or WinRar.

7. flv player: Must have for flv files.

Pidgin: All in one chat messenger

9. GIMP2 : Alternative to Adobe Photoshop, a great tool.

Virtual Box: Alternative to VMWare.

More on "Technical resources".

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