Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simply bored!

It is crazy to be "Simply Bored"!

I know that the tendency to be bored isn't great and it wasn't so just a couple of weeks back; Everything was going like I had planned- new job, working from home, closer to home, higher salary, peaceful nights...Then came a thought- I will hit the gym & I did so religiously until I fell ill(YET YET AGAIN!) on October 3rd 2011. With the illness, I finally scaled new heights in my antibiotics dosage- a third-generation antibiotics was prescribed by the doctor. What the heck is wrong with my immune system? I wish I could unravel the mystery of my recurring illness especially with my throat. Come next week and I will be going for a head-to-toe checkup. But that's not the point. It has simply disturbed my momentum in life. And nowadays, I feel this constant urge to be restless & bored without doing anything.

And in my boredom, I tend to shift my focus to something else. I "unwillingly" read articles on and pity readers like myself who have to go through so much of torture reading their articles. You should read the level of "crap" that they write- both content-wise and grammar-wise. seems to be better. Then, I go to for my daily dose of celebrity & "masala" news. Sometimes, the contents are NSFW and I have to hurry through the stories.

Facebook doesn't entice me anymore though I love watching status updates of others, just out of my curiousity to know how others are faring.

What else? TV is full of Anna Hazare "mania", Advanis and the Gandhis. In short, additions to make your boredom more miserable.

Last but not the least, whatever is being earned is graciously being spent literally washing off the burning desire to possess a cruiser-bike soon.

So, at the end of the day, there is boredom again and the cycle continues....

Yes, it is crazy to be "SIMPLY BORED!!""

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