Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to dial in to a conference bridge automatically without entering passcode everytime?

1) Note the bridge number, say it is 18002707000

2) Note the sequence that you normally follow to join the bridge 1 for selecting the language and say 1 for entering passcode.

3) Now save the number using "Add 2-sec pause" or comma(",") as below

The commas would be followed by the options, here in the above case, the number would look like 18002707000,1,1

Remember to give sufficient lead time for the IVR to speak simulating how you would wait for IVR to say out the options and only then you would be punching in the numbers.

Here is how I have autosaved SunBirla Customer Care number. It punches in everything like language selection, 1 for existing policy holder, 1 for Details, then enters the policy number and date of birth.

Thereafter, all that I have to do is to press "9" to speak to customer care.

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