Saturday, May 10, 2014

The marriage that never works : BJP and its alliance

I just hope that the BJP riding on the Modi Mexican wave comes out all "shining" this time with no need of baggages.  Earlier in 1998, it was the coalition headache of "Mamta Samata and Jayalalitha". 

Having said that,  regional parties and aspirational national parties have always been always a menace to India's political system creating more hate and divide than love or national integration.

India just has two real parties in my opinion, and "your" third party maybe.

And this time on, more than the Modi wave, we are all simply suffering the incumbency syndrome. No one has talked about National agenda in these elections openly but it is more  Political slandering( Pappu vs Feku vs Khujliwaal) that we read about and enjoy, post and share and like it on Facebook waiting for folks from the other camp to retaliate.

Corruption or the old "Five Year Plan's" isnt really discussed in the elections. 

 And, the AAP's aren't ready to handle the issue, the party is overcrowded with wanna-be politicians, discard actors and retired officials and businessmen. And most at the maximum can resort to do a Kejriwaal(Read: Dharna). I am sure Balakrishnan can't do that or stoop to a level to be able to interact with different facets of individuals(shrewd businessmen, wannabe's crooks for politics etc). Imagine a situation where a respected businessman would be saying "Yes-Yes" to a corporator, partially scared ofcourse because of his background and the very next day, the corporator sees this man standing against him in the elections. Would that businessman be bold enough to confront him overnight?

Forget about the question "So, we should let the crooks continue to rule us or threaten us?". That looks great only on Facebook where you can post things without the fear for retaliation. Obviously, your friends would at the maximum call you Aaptard or suffering from Pappulia or Fekulia but there is no immediate threat. It would require "some balls" to be a politician overnight and Politics, my friend cannot be fought on facebook alone.

The biggest mistake that AAP did was to go National rather than be the "role model " party at the regional level.

Kejriwaal acted in haste. I have to literally convince non AAP people that this man did work in 49 days which other governments couldnt do in 449 days. Again, this is based on the input I received from my colleagues staying in NCR.

This is not their time or their time may never come unless their strategy is to focus on State elections, win a couple, prove that they can be the best 3rd Alternative.

Modi has his own cupboard full of skeletons and his rise has alarmed many communities. I dont know how those incidents unfolded but whatever happened was the darkest blot in India's secular image.
The Supreme Court has cleared Modi for the riots and that is the cleanest chit that we can trust on. We dont have a more supreme authority there.  However, being the CM, I believe he should have resigned and that he didnt is a different story altogether.
Again, remember, the verdict came when Congress were at the helm of their governance and note, they couldn't save Laloo Yadav, Kanimozhi and Raja.

Yesterday, the sensex rose quite brilliantly and TOI was hinting at exit poll reports. I hope it remains so and am seriously hoping he doesnt ride on the extra baggages.

My political views are based on the following facts:-

a) I suffer from the incumbency syndrome. Yeah, I am bored !
b) There is no real third alternative.
c) I dont want a hung parliament and another elections.
d) I want to focus on WC Soccer 2014 :)


  1. Appreciate your view, Modi Sab pe padega Bhaari iss baari, samajlo dusre party haari, hope ur dream come true Mr.Tewari badlega Hindustan saari....

  2. I think even considering AAP as a third alternative is unwise. They are a front for Congress to play on vote bank politics and vote division. Kejriwal did work in 49 days you say... well.. I think the comparison was quite elementary :) I've always maintained that the benchmark against which Kejriwal led Congress coalition government came to power in Delhi was very low.. so low that even a mediocre performing government could have outdone those benchmarks. That's what happened. Anyway, I do agree with you that they acted in haste. And the way Kejriwal keeps jumping here and there makes him look like a rabbit to me (not in a good way of course).

    Now coming to your article, I was looking forward to reading more about the actual topic - BJP and its alliances. But that was missing in the post. Some more analysis on the past alliances, why they worked or didnt work and what you suggest as a common man for the future is what I was looking for! :)