Monday, March 12, 2007

The interpretation of Love through Science!

Love, explained by Mutual Inductance.

Whenever two coils are located so that the flux from one coil links with the turns of the other coil, a change of flux in one coil causes an emf to be induced in the other coil. This allows the energy from one coil to be transferred or coupled to the other coil. The two coils are said to be coupled or linked by the property of MUTUAL INDUCTANCE (M).

The amount of mutual inductance depends on the relative positions of the two coils. If the coils are separated a considerable distance, the amount of flux common to both coils is small and the mutual inductance is low. Conversely, if the coils are close together so that nearly all the flux of one coil links the turns of the other, the mutual inductance is high. The mutual inductance can be increased greatly by mounting the coils on a common iron core.

Glossary of terms:
Coils: People
Flux: Feelings
Emf(Electromotive force): Love
Relative positions: Distance
Common iron ore: Marriage

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