Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gorkhali or Nepali?? ***Mixed feelings & Gorkhaland.***

There is a very thin line separating the two, in fact, I feel there is no line at all. We are the same race, where-ever we may be, only separated by our immediate needs and our aspirations.

So, how do we classify people as Gorkhas/Nepalis or non-Gorkhas/non-Nepalis? When we say a Gorkha, whom are we referring to?

This is a tough question.

We should stop living in the past talking about where we came from and what we are doing here. Everyone is a immigrant, so to say. If you trace history, the Gorkhas are immigrants in Nepal as well(according to the Wikipedia).

I do not worry about this at all.

My vision of Gorkhaland is different from all others, if not all, but the majority.

My vision of a stronger nepali speaking community is different from many-I should say the majority... The road map to gorkhaland should be redrawn and ideologies modified to include all people of the hills <>

If people want Gorkhaland for economic growth of the hills and this is the prime reason then, the movement should not be only a movement of Gorkha Identity crisis. As we already know "deep inside", there is no identity crisis at all since Gorkhali/Nepali speaking people are a majority in the hills and it is our hills. The state can have the name Gorkhaland but should have something for people living there through centuries, for e.g) the Marwaris.

Personally, I believe that Sikkim and Darjeeling are better as separates. Even though we are brethren, yet, the environment, the way of life and line of thinking is way too different. Now, if someone's striving for a Sikkim-Darjeeling merger, we are looking for alternatives to Gorkhaland. The map of Gorkhaland never included Sikkim and Sikkim has always been "politically" good to people of Gorkhaland. Frankly, funds will stop for the movement and so will the movement.

The question on the need for Gorkhaland should be changed and the answers must carry aspirations of all Nepali or Gorkhali speaking people of the hills, wherever their ancestors may be from.

If Marwaris or Biharis or Bengalis for that matter, are not made welcome in our dream state Gorkhaland or involved in the road-map to achieve this, I cannot see this dream getting materialized, certainly not in the year 2010.

We need to redraw our focus and every Nepali speaking individual of the hills must have something to get in this movement. Further, needless to say, We must have leaders we can trust blindly, leaders driven by passion and not by intentions.



  1. Dude, do post in that girlfriend wala analogy too....its hilarious... Finally, I am meeting people who share the same views on Gorkhaland. I deeply agree with you, and I believe that Gorkhaland should be an inclusive state for the socio-economic development of our people, irrespective of caste, creed or ethnicity. As for identity, people of Sikkim and Darjeeling will have to rise up beyond the political boundaries to unitedly help the cause of Gorkhas/Nepalis throughout this country. Only that can help our greater cause..

  2. Sikkim is sympathetic/friendly/is with our dreams of Gorkhaland but certainly not with the merger.

    On a lighter note, Sikkim is a like a committed girlfriend who can do anything for you but doesn't want to get married because she is already engaged.

    **As requested by Anant***