Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grungy Morphins from India for the “Metal Fest Open Air 2010”- An appeal!


The Metal Fest Open Air 2010 in Austria is round the corner and there is but only one nomination from India-Grungy Morphins. The “voted” top three out of 296 bands from all over the world will be given a chance to perform with the Gods of Metal like Sepultura, Deicide, Testament, Death Angel, Behemoth and Bolthrower to name a few.


This is an appeal.

The Grungy Morphins need our support and yes, our votes to send them to Austria for the Metal Fest.

And how do we do that….??

Log on to and

Go to band voting on the left6 hand side.....u\'ll get a list of bands ...Please move down and and  go to India....and click on Vote next to \"Grungy Morphins\"....
Then u need to enter ur name and e-mail address......and send......and then open ur e-mail address that u have provided u\'ll receive an e-mail from Metal Fest where u\'ll receive a link....and now all u need to do is click on the link and its will open a window saying \"Ur Vote Was Counted Successfully\"

Please note and this is IMPORTANT:: No False voting as all votings has to be Genuine and if there are false e-mail address given than the nomination for Grungy Morphins\" will be Terminated...


In the meanwhile, here are some videos from Grungy Morphins that you can enjoy….!




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