Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Crazy Indian judiciary and a clown Congress Government

Instead of focusing on the core issues like deteriorating Indian currency, the economy, terrorism or even sports, the Government and the judiciary is now busy looking to prosecute “21 sites for offences of promoting enmity between classes & causing prejudice to national integration” and that includes biggies like Google.
What the heck?
Sibalism has now defined the new depth of political nadir.
I always believed that the Congress government would lose the next elections because of anti-incumbency factor but it appears there is more than just Anna and the factor.
In one of the comments written below one of the article that published this trending story, a pro-government individual has pointed out:-
The case relates to some of the objectionable/hate-promoting content dumped into these social media sites by our own folks (maybe the person living/working next to you) and the sites not acting to remove them despite complaints (flagging as you call it). If Google engineers are smart enough to design and develop Ad Sense (that peeks into your email for keywords and displays relevant ads), they are surely smart enough to create filters that auto-flag hate posts/groups.
So, you want Google to censor every flagged comment, first verifying that it promotes hate or enmity(Ho Ho! That’s a freaking programmers nightmare) and censor every post that someone proves promotes hate. That sounds like the death-knell to the freedom of media, speech and expression.
Do I need to say more?
The internet is mammoth and I don’t believe terrorists and hate groups are influenced more by the internet than their company of friends or upbringing or their social conditions. And what about the cases against these companies? That will go on for ages like as in the case of “Indian citizen” Kasab. Yeah, he can apply for permanent residency now.
The Government probably would not have got a huge backslash from me if they started with NROP( read backwards[rb]) censorship first if they said it promotes XES(rb) and could argue it was “the cause” for the blowing population. But, media censorship on social networking or forums or the internet? That’s absurd.
I wanted the Government to go the China way but not this way. But, what can I do but vent out my anger and blog here.
Saada Haq, Aithe Rakh and Govt FTW(rb)!!

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  1. 1) I think this emphasizes on the voting bit that many, many, many of us just neglect. JAAGO RE people, and utilize your voting rights!!! Only when each and every one of us votes will there be a difference. I am a culprit of this crime too but I am working on getting it resolved.

    2) As for the government, well, it amazed me how this UPA government came to be in the second term. Maybe it has got more to do with point 1 above rather than the government itself.

    3) The judiciary is supposed to be independent but here it looks like it has clearly been influenced by the government's whims. SO WHAT IF PEOPLE VOICE THEIR OPINION?!?!?!?! A proactive government should take that as feedback and work on it rather than calling for a blanket ban on such voiced opinions! THIS IS A FUCKING DEMOCRACY, those idiots need to be told!!!