Monday, May 26, 2008

Nokia E50 Review

I will not be writing about the technical specifications for the phone. The details are easily available on the Internet. Rather, I would be talking about my end-user experience.

a) Looks: Good, slim for a smartphone, compact vis-a-vis the Blackberry's. The cover that comes along with the phone is pretty cool.

b) Keys: Easy for people who can type really quickly with both hands.

c) Joystick: I had a Sony Ericsson K500i which gave me a traumatic joystick experience. I trust Nokia blindly and it looks to be good till date. Scrolling might be a problem though.
If you have thick fingers, this is probably not the joystick phone you are looking for.

d)Battery: Bad, especially if you use Bluetooth handsfree.

d)Utilities: Install Mail for Exchange and configure your office e-mails easily(Microsoft Exchange)

e)Wait time: As you increase the number of applications, the phone tends to become slower. So, install only those applications that you can't live without.

f) Software and Utilities: WWW.DOTSIS.COM is a good forum for the applications.

g) FM out: FM radio is missing??!!

My rating:
Good for Rs 8000+ INR(Approx. 188 USD) but be ready to carry your charger everywhere you go.

I will give it 2.75 out of 5 and would recommend Nokia E51 based on my experience.

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