Saturday, May 31, 2008

Viacom vs vs

I was surprised to see my videos in another website

I would not have stumbled on this website had I not searched "" for my name, in the process of checking my blog-site page ranking.

The site( is still in the "beta" stage but one can find tons of videos on the site. I suspect they are all taken("Leeched") from different websites while some are uploaded by users.

In the "About us" columnn, the following words describes the reasons for starting the website.

"We started TalentTrove with true artists in mind. From singing to advanced needlework, all talent is an art and will now have the chance to be appreciated. Why have your talent lost on sites full of random videos only two people on the planet understand? Here at TalentTrove, you will have the ability to surround your uploaded talent with others sharing common interests. Talent categories, personalized pages and social networking will allow you to show the world your talent. Think of it as a virtual stage, gallery, studio, TV station, you name it. It's a place where artists of every type, from anywhere, can get a real shot and meet some contacts and friends in the process."

I didn't know that I was so talented- talented enough to have someone search my videos in YouTube and post it on their website without my permission.

Furthermore, my "profile" location on TalentTrove is wrongly mentioned as "Indonesia" instead of "India" and the video descriptions are also incorrect.

While www. is already facing a $1 billion lawsuite from viacom over video infringement, it would be interesting to note how Google reacts to sites like using their videos.



  1. Yep its happened to my videos in the "tube" as well...
    I found some of my videos being linked from a lot of other site. I guess they're just using the links (youtube does give you the option whether you want other sites to embed your videos, which is on by default and hence you get that embed URL in your videos). So if that's the thing, then I guess its ok cos the user needs to moderate those settings. Haina ra?

  2. It is not a direct embed. Now, the video has become a property of

    When we embed a video in our blogsite, on clicking the video, there is a re-direction to the youtube page.

    Also, unlike the regular embeds, here the video has been "watermarked" as instead of

    This infringes YouTube's privacy policy and terms of use conditions.