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Stopping by the woods! – From the Oeuvre- Dated:- 12.4.1999- 13.4.1999

Pelling- The land of Hidden Paradise.

Pictures taken during my “walkathon” from Gyalshing to Pelling/Pemayangtse to Sangatsholing.

The picture below is in the vicinity of the old palace. The old palace is the inspiration behind this poem.

Stopping by the Woods.

A day comes.. which comes in life,

Once or more but not so often,

When the thirst of a man..

A man yearning for peace and solace,

Finds resort in the mystique…

Where the wings of freedom and joy leaps unbound,

Perspiring thoughts of Pride and Prejudice…

And chimney soots…

So did I feel when I trod past Pelling Woods!

The land of hidden paradise”..they did say,

And unbelievably so,

So much explored yet so much to be!!

The trees of the deep have much to relate,

These silent spectators to the great happenings,

Of great kings, people and dynasties,

Of War and Peace…

And above all – Of love and lovers of late!

The once saddled roads- witnesses of the forgotten past,

Are still but an open book…

Shifting our thoughts down memory lane,

Now of unknown fame!!

The beats of beatles and the singing birds,

In the wrath of Autumn, with free falling leaves…

Echoing in tones unknown,

Add melodies exquisite for atmosphere requisite!

The ruins of the palace standing atop in free spirit,

Looks upon the hill…

The woods and the settlement below!

Now all alone against tides of fury and ice,

Whispers in pure delight…

Encroached upon are weeds, grasses, ferns and thorns,

Alone- Moaning calm and quiet…

A saga retold!!

Once gone through the phase,

A bliss of solitude is encarved,

Deep- Very Deep in the heart and soul,

Beckoning once and more,

And one can’t help but visit again….




I thought I had lost this poem and sadly, I knew only one stanza by heart. So, I used that verse in my short story “The Bet”.

In the story, for a realistic flavor, I have quoted that the stanza is from the poem “Impeccable” by a Nobel Laureate Peter Scotch.

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  1. Very nice.
    I thought I'd read this before and when I read your note at the bottom of the post, I realized I'd read it in "The Bet". And seriously, I had believed when you'd said there that it was written by a Nobel laureate! :)
    Hopefully, you were not too far away from the truth!
    Keep it coming...

  2. Well written ... :) makes u feel like goin to Pelling woods...I guess its mentioned in The Inheritance of Loss Kiran Desai hai?
    This is good and deep:
    When the thirst of a man..
    A man yearning for peace and solace,
    Finds resort in the mystique…