Monday, June 01, 2009

The gamble called World Cup T20 2009!


Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore- the bottom two teams of the last IPL were in the finals of IPL 2 held in South Africa this year. In 2008, it was Rajasthan Royals minus Shilpa Shetty routing the formidable CSK in the finals. So, what message does this version of the game send? T20 is the newest form of unpredictable gambling, glorified by renowned multinationals, celebrities and the richest cricketing board.

T20 has nothing to do with skills nor with class. Unknown batsman like Manish Pandey can be a hero for two games and proven masters like Jayasuriya or Tendulkar face the question regarding their age or adaptation to the version of the game yet again.This game has destroyed the existence of cricket altogether. If the T20's were to replace the way cricket is played, there will be no benchmark of identifying greats and the average. There won’t be a Sachin or a Bradman or a Lara again. One day, you will have Manish Pandey, the next day you will have a Tyagi. With so many games coming in and too many heroes for youngsters and teenagers to follow, cricket will lose the battle of popularity amongst games.

With the T20 World Cup right round the corner, I am all set to write previews on each "gamble". And definitely, it is not for my love of T20 cricket. It is because I have nothing to write on soccer before August this year, when the EPL Season 09-10 commences.

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