Thursday, May 21, 2009

IPL 2 champions…Chennai Super Kings or Delhi Daredevils?

Chennai Super Kings Logo(Courtesy:CSK website)

Long before the tourney had started, I had vouched for Delhi Daredevils to win IPL Season 2. Sehwag and Gambhir in the same team surely sends shivers down the spines of opponents, bowlers in particular. And if this wasn’t enough, Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, Dilshan and Karthik were to follow. The bowling lineup also looked menacing. I thought Mc Grath would play a crucial role backed by Nannes, Nehra and a quality spinner in the form of Amit Mishra. Mc Grath isn’t playing but the Daredevils have no regrets- they are pretty perched at the top of the IPL table and look fine to run away with the IPL trophy.

However, having said that, as the tournament has progressed, I am slowly changing my mind. And my bet is on Chennai Super Kings. Runners-up last year and doing exceedingly well, CSK might just turn the tables on the Daredevils. These two teams have met twice and have shared the honors. But, if you look at runs, you will see that DD, irrespective of their batting prowess have failed to chase a decent score like 145 whereas Chennai, batting second have scored 180 in a lost cause.

My instinct tells me that we are going to see another “Kings11 versus CSK” match whenever DD and CSK clash again. And remember, let us not to discount the MSD factor. He might just revive his T20 World Cup winning memories in South Africa again!!


  1. Now this is something I don't agree to. Being an ardent RCB supporter, I will always support RCB and hope they play to the best of their ability against CSK in the semi-finals. Remember RCB just recently beat all the other three teams who are there as the semi-finalists, so you just cannot downplay RCB's strenght, my dear friend!
    Go Challengers!!!

  2. Before boarding the plane to South Africa, Katrina calls up Dr. Mallya and Dr. Mallya says "I shall see you in the stadium". Katrina reaches the stadium box and looks around for Dr. Mallya but cannot see him. She calls him up and says "Where are you, Dr. Mallya?" to which Mr. Mallya replies.. "I am in Monaco!!"

    *And, this has got nothing to what I am about to say*

    I truly support Bangalore but will still bet on Chennai to win.. However, I don't mind losing the bet...!! :)

  3. Well whatever happened between Katrina and Dr. Mallya has got nothing to do with RCB's performance on the field, as you said.

    And yes, better put the Reds on cos the Yellows are gonna get beaten black-and-blue! :)