Thursday, May 07, 2009


In my article on the predictions for Game Week 35, I had written about how I felt Tristan was a good buy at 5.5 mn. And, I did substitute Dempsey for Tristan at the last minute and it paid off!

In the end, my overall game week 35 score was 80 points when the average of Game Week 35 was 43 points.


All my predictions except Schwarzer(as GK) and Lampard(as Captain) clicked.


Schwarzer was in my team because Fulham was playing against Chelsea and I expected him to make a couple of saves. And, I didn’t have to worry if Chelsea failed to beat Fulham because the only player from Chelsea in my team was Frank Lampard. I must say these two disappointed me but, overall, I am extremely happy with the results.

I have now jumped 6 places to the 17th position in Himalayan Soccer League. This is quite an achievement considering the fact that I joined this league in Game Week 7.

Now, let me quickly go through the predictions this game week:-

a) Man Utd is playing two matches this game week so you know what to do :-

play three players from Manchester United

This is always a gamble though. Important players may be rested. Evaluate players to be picked on the basis of how many matches they have played in a stretch. If you were to ask me, I would pick up “Vidic” and “O Shea”.

Most of us already have two players from Man Utd, so there shouldn’t be a problem choosing the third.

b) Wigan is also playing two matches but I suggest you avoid using players from this side. Their form is unpredictable. However, you can use “cheap” Figueroa at 4.6 mn.

c) It is very difficult to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal, therefore, this Game Week, I have decided to substitute my captain.

d) Pick up a player from Manchester United[preferably] or Liverpool, as your Captain.

About my team for this game week:

a)Vidic in as “Captain” and Figueroa in to replace Hull’s Ricketts. The squad remains unchanged otherwise.

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