Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reaching to your audience through your blog and the limitations.

There are millions of blogs on the internet and most of us spend at least an hour on our blog-site enhancing it to reach a wider audience. In the process, we join some communities labeled "Bad communities" by Google. Ours may be a simple act of blog publicity but unknowingly, we might have violated the Google Webmaster guidelines.

If you check the webmaster's guidelines, you can see a number of Do's and Dont's. But, none specifically mentions what "bad communities" are. So, before posting to any neighbourhoods or network sites, be careful. Your site might just "disappear" from the google searches.

The guidelines specifically mentions about avoiding "cloaking"(true to it's relevant meaning) and irrelevant re-directs.

The other important point here is to avoid enhancing your blog with the help of a "SEO" companies. There are many companies on the internet promising "x" number of visitors to your blog using various SEO techniques. However, they work mostly on "link-sharing/link-buying" concept and are possibly already in the Google watchlist for violation.

Lastly, if you think you have been "banned" by Google, check the webmaster's guidelines, post to forum and after a thorough analysis, request for re-consideration.


  1. What are SEO companies?
    And a link to the webmaster guidelines would've been better, me feels.

  2. There are many companies who say that they can do "Search engine optimization" so that your blog rates higher in page ranking or searches.