Saturday, May 16, 2009

Green Room Boxes-Rock Band from Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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Green Room Boxes is the name of a family, but the world normally calls such families "rock bands". Well, GRB as we're called for short, is a rock band based out of Bangalore - classical/alternative/punk rock group, with a very strong bias towards our original compositions...that's us.



The Boxes




Bass guitar. Co-founder of GRB when it was a two piece band, Anant used to do the leads and vocal but exchanged spots (rather gleefully, if I may add!) and took up bass duties once GRB took off.




Lead guitars. "Brilliant" would be an understatement for this guy. Anything related to guitars and he can do it (good for us!) The new soul of GRB.



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Rhythm guitars. A clean guitaring wizzo...Sovit's the one who fills the riffs in between the song. And melodious is just one of his attributes.




Clean guitaring champ, in the band handling the vox department. Clapton's Layla is his trademark song. The heart of GRB, right from vocals to the gyaan.




Drums. Co-founder of GRB with Anant. Once named the band "The Resoulutes" but chucked it after coming to know about the existence of a band with the same name. Since then, GRB is what we've been called.


Ex-Men: Lead guitars plus vocals. Formally with "String Sick", Zoe joined GRB in March 2008. Parted ways with us owing to his personal commitments. Vinnie: Keyboard. A magician with the keys - also the guy with the jam pad and experience in the commercial music industry. Owing to his commitments to his other projects, couldn't really commit to the band. Our loss.


This post is dedicated to Rahul Pradhan

Pal, remember always, GRB is your brainchild!

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