Sunday, May 17, 2009

Election India 2009 predictions, results and the challenge to Astrologers.


As Election’09 results started pouring in, it became obvious that Dr. Manmohan Singh led UPA government would be re-elected at the centre. I had thought that the NDA would come into power on the basis of anti-incumbency wave. And like me, thousands of us were having our own predictions and thoughts on the outcome. So, can our astrologers be far behind? They have always been active during all major happenings or events- whether its elections, Priyanka Gandhi taking over the reins of the Congress party or predicting the winner of the Cricket World Cup.

In an open challenge to astrologers and predictors, Narendra Nayak of “The Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations”, in the website had announced an interesting contest.

Presenting an award of one million rupees to predict election results.

Of course, the “winner” had to answer 4 questions[25 parts] from guessable ones like “Who will be the next Prime Minister of India?” to tough ones like “How many seats will each of the parties win? The answers should be in units- Ranges are not acceptable- correct to the nearest unit in case of single digit and ±10% if the number is more than single digit”.

There were however a lot of T&C’s for contestants. The contest was posted on the website on 2nd May 2009 and the answers had to be sent by snail mail or courier only. All questions had to be answered and there could be multiple winners.

I am looking forward for the results and am curious to know if renowned astrologers of India took part in the competition.

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