Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to reach the Pinnacle of Sorrow?


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They said that things would change,

I argued, why would it? We will still be the same,

Unchanged in the very feelings that bonded us,

Blest with wishes and thoughts….

Oft I remember things of the glory past,

Giving the best shot to impress,

Some fallacy, some true and some simply best….

Did I lose the battle there? Did you?

Do you feel like leaving me then? Do you feel like leaving me now?

Life is a tweak, my friend, it is…Remember….

I can’t tell you my sorrow now, I can only show you my pride,

Some things of the past, haunts and thus remains,

I longed to do away with poems coz they say it makes you sad,

And sad in life is what I am,

With or without my poems!

Locked as a prisoner in a hermit shell,

I can barely breathe now,

Its choking the life out of me,

Be with me now……

[ I must stop right away….this poem has reach the pinnacle of sorrow!]

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