Friday, May 01, 2009

Vodafone ads on Indian television : ZooZoo …Thumbs up!


In India, the best thing about Vodafone(formerly Hutch) is its advertisement. Frankly, I haven’t enjoyed being on their network and have dreaded to have conversation with their customer service. However, Vodafone’s business marketing has been amazing. The latest one on the list is “ZooZoo”, white squeaky egg shaped anthropomorphic creatures seen on the latest Vodafone ads.

While the brand Aircel has roped in heavyweights like MS Dhoni, Airtel has had several stars brandishing the cellular service over the years. But, Vodafone with its simpler ads(starring Irfan Khan, the pug and the little girl) have been by far, most effective in reaching out to the masses.

Coming back to ZooZoo, I was particulary impressed with the “beauty tips” ad.

The rumor is in that some countries are already considering “ZooZoo” as a mascot for its forthcoming Olympic games.

Now, that is a “April Fool” alert starring “ZooZoo”.


[Taking reference of the Wikipedia]

The word "ZooZoo" possibly has its origin in "Zoomorphism" which is shaping of something in animal form or terms.

Examples include:

* Art that imagines humans as animals
* Art that creates patterns using animal imagery, or animal style
* Animal-deities, such as exist in Egyptian mythology
* Therianthropy: the ability to shapeshift into animal form
* The tendency of viewing human behaviour in terms of the behaviour of animals, analogous to anthropomorphism, which views animal behaviour in human terms

The word derives from the Greek ζωον (zōon), meaning animal, and μορφη (morphē), meaning shape or form.

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  1. These zoozoos are the best concept in Indian ad industry in years! ZooZoos rock! and Indian Ad makers are the best!!