Sunday, May 10, 2009

EPL Game week 36 VIS-A-VIS FPL, LIVE Manchester United vs Manchester City(Manchester Derby)-First half report.


I was excited about this game, primarily because of the fact that am relying totally on Manchester United to boost my score in FPL. The second reason is that this game is very important vis-a-vis Man Utd’s title hopes. However, when I switched on the TV, I was disappointed to see that ESPN had been shifted down at channel number 83. And in India, if you have the normal cable connection and as you flick through towards the 80’s, the picture quality deteriorates to the level of “unwatchablity”. So, it took a couple of calls to get the cable guy move ESPN up to the “watchable” zone. I have an old television set with a basic remote control that is in its death bed. So, it took me a while to figure where ESPN had been placed.

And Lo!! The picture was clear and I could see that Ronaldo, my captain, had his arms up. Manchester United had just scored and was 1-0 up through a well taken free-kick. It wasn’t the usual clean shot but who cares, I am rejoicing!!

Into the thirty minutes and Man Utd are playing like a pack of hyenas attacking a hapless calf. Tevez and Ronaldo, in particular are looking dangerous. Tevez had a long range shot hitting the bar. As for Manchester City, they have failed to make a decent attack on their opposition. And their player are living dangerously. Ireland has already been booked and Kompany had a confrontation with Berbatov. Both of them narrowly missed being booked.

Another goal!!

Into the final minute of the first half, through a pass from Berbatov, Tevez managed to find the back of the net through a stunning strike, just outside of the D-box.

Thus, ended the first half with a 2-0 score line for Manchester United! Tags: ,,

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