Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Montauk Monster returns to Earth again


Image:Courtesy:MorgueFile. This picture has no resemblance or relation to the Montauk monster.

As news of the new "Montauk Monster" poured in, I quickly "Googled" the internet to check out the pictures of the “new monster". However, it disappointed me.This looks like the carcass of a dead pig to me. The photograph of the first Montauk Monster was interesting. The internet was abuzz with discussion on whether it was the decayed corpse of a "raccoon", "turtle", "boxer" dog or a "capybara".

Honestly, I don't believe that these are monsters but rather are animals that drowned at sea or dead animals that were disposed to the sea. But, it sure brings in curiosity and fame to the “Montauk Monster”. Apart from getting featured in “Monster Quest” on History Channel and talks shows on TV, there is already an official website dedicated to the monster.

For the unaware, the "Montauk Monster" gets it name from Montauk, a town in Suffolk County, New York, where the "monster" was first found.

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