Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pre-closure thoughts and review on English Premier League[EPL] vis-à-vis Fantasy Premier League[FPL]



And so it ends...!

This was my first year with the FPL and I blissfully admit that it had changed the way I perceive soccer. The most important thing that this online game taught me was to see beyond Manchester United. I used to be an ardent Manchester United supporter before but selecting three “expensive” players from Man Utd did not help my team and in due course of time, I resorted to employing players from my bête noire Chelsea, Frank Lampard in particular.

It was a difficult and heart-breaking decision but as time progressed, Frank Lampard stood for me and ensured that my team climbed up in the league. And so did Anelka.

Thereafter, Gerrard and Schwarzer showed me why Christiano Ronaldo and Van Der Sar aren’t worth their money.

Indeed, FPL turned my liking of soccer into addiction. Every Friday, I used to spend hours looking at the fixtures, reading news about players, injuries, return from injuries, the forecast from Pundits and replying to the taunts of other team managers in the league’s forum. Later, I assumed the role of a "pundit" and provided predictions for the upcoming game-week through my blog. Great managers like Guus Hiddink and Jose Mourinho have proved that it takes more than personal skill to be good managers-it needs that extra tinge of luck! And, I acknowledge that I did have some luck predicting the outcomes and players that could make a difference in FPL.

Soccer indeed has changed lives of people and their thought process. I have now realized why Wayne Rooney and English fans forgave Ronaldo even after his World Cup antics. I am a live example- an online fantasy game has taught me that soccer is way beyond personal vendetta and choices.

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