Monday, May 25, 2009

One of the happiest days in my life- The OEUVRE is back...!

œuvre  n. works of a creative artist regarded collectively. [French, = work, from Latin opera]

Yes!!! It is true…

I have been finally re-united with my poem book- THE OEUVRE that was supposedly “lost”! And it was like that old Bollyhood line “Kumbh Mela main Beechray Bhai becoming a reality for me. I wrote the first poem for my Oeuvre on 31st November 1997 and today is May 25th, 2009. So, I am going 11+ years back into my late teen and early adulthood again today.

At this moment, I would like to thank these people(not necessarily in the order):-

Ruchi: For keeping the book at Garima’s place and informing me about it.

Garima: I owe you so much. Thanks for being so patient with my impatience, understanding how I felt about the poem book, informing your sister, reminding her and answering my calls.

Nidhi: Thanks for bringing the poem book from Gangtok to Bangalore.

Aunty: Thanks for keeping the book safely. Most importantly, thanks for letting me have my memories back.

Now, what next??

Those who have been following this blog know the reason why I started this blog. The headline for “Of Ink, Pennings and Pittoresco’s!” since 2004 was as below:

This blog would have never come out, given the fact that I LOST my entire collection of 26 poems composed during the period 1997-2000.

However, I managed to bury my sorrows and with the left-overs of my literary aspirations, I am waking up to a fresh dawn of cognition, sentience, consciousness, idea, and imagination.

I removed the above header recently after hearing that the book was still intact at Garima’s place.

I have now decided that in the days to come, I will publish one poem a day in this blog of mine for 28 days. :)

Last but not the least, for the curious, here are the first pictures from the poem book:-

image image

The first poem: “Tale of a luvlorn” The date when the poem was composed: 31-11-1997


  1. good that you got it back :) looking forward to your poems

  2. Thanks Alvin!!!

  3. Yeah I'm happy you got it back. But dude, how can the date be "31.11.1997" when November only has 30 days? :P

  4. It is mystifying but that is the date mentioned in the book ! Must be a typo...LOL!

  5. An innocent mistake from an aspiring young poet...

  6. hehe yeah it happens.. keep the poems flowin'!

  7. Sachin nice blogs. Commendable