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Those who read my post on EPL game week 36 would have realized that choosing three players from Manchester United was indeed fruitful. As for my team, I had to make random substitutions in the 11th hour because two of my players(Arshavin and Lennon) were out that game week. I finally decided to have Ronaldo back as my captain. However, Sir. Alex had other ideas. He broke my heart by not playing Ronaldo the full 90 minutes against Manchester City. Ronaldo was in a great run that day and could have scored more. The other player who failed us all was Frank Lampard. He doesn’t fail us often, does he?

So, with two days to go, what is in store for us this game week?

Rather than looking at this game week alone, I feel it will be wise to look at the last game week as well. On analysis, it is evident that the team that will fetch you the maximum points is Chelsea. Chelsea has one match against Blackburn and one against Sunderland. So, you can expect a lot of goals and can bet on at least one clean sheet for the goal keeper and defenders. If you haven’t already, try to have maximum players from Chelsea now.

Liverpool play West Bromwich Albion this game week and against Tottenham in the final one. I believe WBA can’t do a Wigan to Liverpool. So, you can still bet on three players from Liverpool this game week.

Choosing players from Manchester United will require lot of contemplation. I am very cynical about having players from top teams in my squad when they play against each other. Manchester United play Arsenal on 16th May and I am secretly wishing for a Bendtner magic. And what if Hull City beat United in the last game?

With respect to FPL, the point to ponder is that if United beat or draw with Arsenal, then Sir. Alex might rest his important players in the game against Hull City(24th May 2009). Remember, United are heading Rome for the Champions League final(27th May 2009) against Barca. So, I believe Sir. Alex will play all his fine men this game week against Arsenal to seal the premiership.

Arsenal on the other hand will play with their full strength for the remaining two game weeks. So, even if they lose to Manchester United, retain their best players in your squad. Their last game against Stoke City should get you a lot of points.

Also, investing on Aston Villa might yield great results.

Finally, this is my FPL squad for Game week 37:-

Schwarzer, Vidic, Arbeloa, Cole A, Dempsey, Lampard(Captain), Ronaldo, Benayoun, Fletcher[His CL “Red Card” appeal was rejected], Bendtner, Tristan, Walcott, Figueroa, Taylor R.

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