Thursday, April 01, 2010

BSNL 3g in Bangalore and configuration on HTC Touch


If you have a 3g compatible phone, why not go for 3g service? That was the thought which suddenly crossed my mind when I saw the offer pamphlet at BSNL office, Banaswadi.

The process to get one(especially postpaid) is like not too simple and I had to wait for 3 hours before I got the card. And since I had forgotten to carry my 3g phone, I could not test the connectivity there itself.

Back home and it was a “deja-vu”. The customer care folks aren’t aware of what needs to be done for 3g to work and I had to research enough before getting the actual settings from a blog.

Further, like the customer care, I did not know what the symbols “G”, “E” and “H”(coming at the top of the mobile display) stood for. For the unaware, G stands for GPRS, E for EDGE and H stands for 3.5 G.

And guess what? I am getting 3.5g signal at my apartment. I tried the internet yesterday using the SIM and it comes at a whooping .97 Mb/second download speed. After using it for a few minutes, I switched off the data connection as 3g connection comes with a price: 250 Mb free and thereafter per 10Kb, 1 paise is charged.

The two drawback is that the 3g signal is not caught everywhere. For e.g) While at work in Whitefield, the signal changes to EDGE. The second drawback is that there is an amazing number of call drops. 

But it does feel good to have a state of the art technology at your hands.

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