Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Gorkhaland Awareness Campaign- One man’s selfless endeavor to realize a million’s dream.


I promised to put this up on my blog a week back but he knows how “entangled” I am. I know him for about 2 years now and I know he “breathes”, “talks” and has only one deepest belief and “unfulfilled” dream- the creation of Gorkhaland. We argue on how unfeasible the creation of this state may seem. But, I still believe we need aspirants like him- selfless and innocent. This has been put up for you Bhai- can’t express how much we love you !!



Again I’m here to bore you…..but this time it would be a short write up regarding the prevailing situation of our future Gorkhaland !!.. ….I know you all are great readers and reading a few extra characters wont tax you..hola….smiles again!!
….Last letter of 10th March was overwhelmingly welcomed by our readers..Our constructive criticism worked to some extent. While we also had few complaining our writings .Anyway we too accept all kind of feedbacks from you all. What matters is that end justifies the means…Our end should be Gorkhaland after all and thenceforth new dawn of overall and collective progressiveness.
Back some days we have witnessed a lot of happenings …Veteran leader kanu Sanyal , once the flag bearer and initiator of Naxalite Movement epicentring in Naksalbari (once partner of Charu Majumdar ) died ..He used to support Gorkhaland Cause and right to self determination of oppressed people. May his soul rest in peace.
We sometime tease BG’s commanders being fatter with ongoing movement …but perhaps pressure for them is also huge…Inward and outward . Mr. Bimal Gurung though did not end his life on march 10 but did surprise people of Kurseong’s Naya Busty on April 1st 2010 by surprise visit…Interestingly leaders are connecting to people somehow…..Good thing is that BG is people friendly… having uncanny knack for getting people’s support..(hmm ..doesn’t need MBA in HR/PR)
Yesterday Lepcha youth Association has come with violent protest against the newspater , The Statement’s false reporting..The Stateman reported that Lepchas were happy to be under the rule of WB Govt and they don’t want Separate state…and so sparking huge n somehow violent protest in kalimpong bazaar…!! Important lesson to be learnt is Unity…If different communities can unite why not different Hill Leaders from different political background…GJM, AIGL, CPRM,GNLF,CONG, etc all should unite and work single handedly.. “Mr Giri, Mr Rajen Mukhia , Mr Madan tamang, ..are u listening??...people want that…and so on please do that..!!”… We should have kind of Joint Action Committee by now…We should have JAC comprising of all parties..
Recently::Last Official Tripartie meeting in Delhi saw the talks on demarcation of territory for autonomous region…negotiations still going on….More autonomy?? But Getting Home Deppt wud be just fine but tis difficult to get …
State is always best solution…Union territory also is win win solution for all…Interestingly we have come to know that there is a possibility of state within a state like Meghalaya was in Assam for some time….
"The solution, perhaps, lies in adopting a model similar to the one tried through the Assam Reorganisation (Meghalaya) Act 1969 [ARMA, 69]. This legislation was made possible by the Constitution (Twentysecond Amendment) Act, 1969, which, by inserting Article 244A, intro-duced a rather original idea into the Constitution in relation to the State of Assam. This Article made it possible to establish an “Autonomous State” within the State of Assam. Not many may remember that before Meghalaya became a full-fledged State, it was constituted as an “Autonomous State” within Assam with its own Chief Minister, Cabinet and Legislative Assembly. Under ARMA 69, Meghalaya was constituted 40 years ago, in January 1970, as an “autonomous state” within the State of Assam. Full-fledged Statehood for Meghalaya, came somewhat later under the North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act 1971, when the States of Manipur and Tripura were also established. As the 1969 law, which established Meghalaya as an “autonomous state” within Assam, was not worked for long, being overtaken by the 1971 legislation, the ARMA 69 approach in resolving some festering disputes has not received a full trial and has not been adequately explored.
…Go tell ur dad, uncles and perhaps to GJM members that Gorkhaland Awareness Campaign
Had some valid ideas…Ideas are free here..hahas..!!
Another Good news is that a large no. of contract teachers might just be put in regular pay roll..After all they deserve that for working for so long with peanuts-salary! ..Thanks to JSTO..!!
Lastly we wish you great Easter weekend and thank you for your precious time reading with us!!


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